Against sexism: boys go to school in skirts

"I'm not ashamed to dress like a woman, because I do not think it's shameful to be a woman." This famous quote from Iggy Pop is written on a poster teenager carried to school in Nantes, France, on 16 May. The boys wore backpacks, sunglasses and skateboards as well as another special accessory: a skirt. Originally, it was an idea of ​​the students themselves to draw attention to sexism in this way. The school authorities were enthusiastic and made it an official action. At 27 schools, they invited the male students to come to the school in skirts on May 16 and protest against everyday discrimination against girls. Boys, who prefer to keep their pants on, could alternatively wear a sticker with the inscription: "I fight against sexism - and you?".

"This is a form of tranvestism"

Many followed the call. On Twitter came in the morning, many photos, the cheerful young men in skirts showed, whether in jeans, with checks or pleats. But not as casual as the participants are not all in France. On Thursday in Nantes there was strong criticism of the rock protest. Followers of right-wing conservative and Christian groups gathered in front of a high school in Nantes and vented their anger. "This is not a trivial matter," complained Ludovine de La Rochère, president of the group "Le Manif Pour Tous", who is leading the protests against gay marriage in France. "It's a form of transvestism, and it denies the sexual identity of these guys, it's immaterial to masculinity and femininity." Many critics accused the authorities of having pushed the boys to the action. However, this was "absolutely wrong," in the end even the French Minister of Education Benoît Hamon spoke.

The youth reacts to the allegations of "Le Manif Pour Tous" in their own way: She created the hashtag #JupePourTous - Rock for all on Twitter.

Tweets about "#JupePourTous"

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