• March 27, 2023

Why are we celebrating Christmas?

Christmas is by far our most important celebration of the year! Nearly 2 billion Christians celebrate Christmas throughout the world. Everyone else has at least heard about it.

The Christmas season begins with the Advent season and manages to lighten the dark December. Whether we make Christmas decorations ourselves, buy a Christmas tree or get great Christmas gifts for children? There is always something to do!

Why are we celebrating Christmas? Jesus is born!

In Christianity, the devotees honorJesus as the Son of God, At Christmas will be withhis birth celebrated the incarnation of God. Another name for Jesus or Jesus is Christ? the Redeemer and anointed. His mission was to free people from their suffering.

Even the Romans had reason to celebrate on December 25th. you Sun god sol invictus celebrated his day of honor on the 25th of December. Christians have accepted this date and replaced it with the birth of their saint, Jesus Christ.

The Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, is due on March 25th by the angel Gabriel Birth of her son got proclaimed to have. 9 months before the 25th of December.

The Christmas Story - Birth Of JESUS CHRIST | Bible Story For Children | Bedtime Stories For Kids (March 2023).


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