Crime TV Tips: Deadly blackmail attempt in the "crime scene"

20:15, ZDFneo, Inspector Barnaby: The birds

When Ralph Ford (James Dreyfus) claims at the Ornithological Society meeting that he has observed the Blue-haired Hoopoe, nobody believes him, least of all Patrick Morgan. Patrick is drowned in the morning, his face wrapped in a bird trap net. His widow Nina is pregnant. Patrick had repeatedly accused her of infidelity. Only when the village doctor Ian Markham is slain, Nina (Genevieve O'Reilly) confesses to be pregnant by Markham. Barnaby (John Nettles) soon realizes the sinister obsession behind the killings.

20:15, MDR, crime scene: bombs for Honest

Bomb threat in Dresden. While the police are looking for the explosive device, two men are attacking the branch of a bank at the other end of the city. An anonymous caller answers, but only to make fun of Honesty (Peter Sodann). He seems to know the commissioner. What he initially considers a bad joke on the part of a colleague becomes a dangerous game. Is this the way someone tries to take revenge on him? Another robbery happens, and again the gangsters escape. For Ehrlich it is clear that there is a connection between the anonymous caller and the raids.

20:15, ZDFneo, Inspector Barnaby: You're dead!

Old Bentham wants to have seen a headless horseman on a white horse before he was pushed off the mansion roof. More than the murder of her clan elders, Bentham's noble relatives are interested in reenacting a 17th-century battle of royalty's ancestral ancestors against Oliver Cromwell. His interrogations lead the inspector (Neil Dudgeon) to the mold of the headless and to the bottom of a diabolically threaded intrigue.

9:45 pm, hr, crime scene: Puppeteer

Five administrative judges come to Bremen to get a picture of the controversial Weservertiefung. Four of them have already signaled a clear stance, the verdict depends on the fifth judge, Konrad Bauser (Christoph M. Ohrt). Suddenly a video shows up showing Bauser having sex with underage Mel (Jella Haase). Mel and her boyfriend Ole (Sven Gielnik) try to blackmail Bauser, but suddenly Ole is dead, shot dead. Commissioner Inga Lürsen (Sabine Postel) and Commissioner Stedefreund (Oliver Mommsen) initially assume that the drug milieu was murdered.

22:00, rbb, scene: Turning Hammer

Completely disbanded, Betti Graf (Cornelia Froboess) appears in police headquarters with Anna Janneke (Margarita Broich) and Paul Brix (Wolfram Koch). For days she misses her neighbor Mr. Abendroth. Especially suspicious for harming him is Nils Engels (Jan Krauter). All three live in their family houses in a turning-point. Nils is an IT specialist, and as such he has transformed his home into a "smart house". It is equipped with surveillance cameras and completely "clean". At his "analog" neighbors Nils disturbs everything from the ground up.

CIA DIRTY TRICKS DEPT #1, Suffolk Cty Police, GPS Satellite Tracking - They PLANTED A GPS In My Car! (July 2020).

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