Demi Lovato: From the hospital directly to the withdrawal clinic

The singer Demi Lovato (25, "Tell Me You Love Me") has been released from the hospital just two weeks after her overdose. This reports the US promiportal "TMZ". Accordingly, she went immediately afterwards in a withdrawal clinic and there now take a "longer" cure. How long Lovato will stay there, is not yet foreseeable - but expect at least 30 days. Which clinic Lovato chose for this is also unknown.

The portal only reported that it was a search facility outside California, one of the best in the country. Lovato had to fly there with a private jet. In addition, the source revealed that Lovato's team had already set a plan for how the singer would avoid such a downward spiral in the future. This should include the exchange of the circle of friends: one wants to "banish the negative people from their environment".

Demi Lovato Suffers Apparent Overdose, Transported to Hospital | TMZ News (April 2021).

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