These bizarre rules must be maintained by Harry & Meghan's wedding guests

On May 19th, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will perform in front of the wedding altar in London. And even if the event of the year is currently overshadowed by sad headlines over and over again, the approximately 600 invited guests are unlikely to expect to finally enter the St. George's Chapel.

But that's not possible without preparation. So that none of the guests in the footfalls, the palace has taken precautions and set up a seven-page set of rules, to which all must be meticulous.

Please note:

  • Large bags and gifts can not be taken with the St. George's Chapel and gifts are undesirable at the subsequent reception at Windsor Castle. Instead, they should be sent directly to Kensington Palace. Alright!
  • Theme dress code: Gentlemen come in uniform, dress or suit, ladies in dress with hat. The headgear is not negotiable. At the wedding of William and Kate in 2011, Samantha Cameron, the wife of then-head of government David Cameron, made a mega-faux pas when she appeared without a hat. That women also should not do without the obligatory tights, is probably also clear, right?
  • Speaking of uniform: The sword must unfortunately stay at home. This also applies to the various badges that are always happy to be on display. You can thank David Beckham for that. The God of Football wore his Order of Merit at the wedding of Harry's brother on the wrong side? use pzeze.
  • Caution is also required when drinking. Instead of grabbing the umpteenth champagne glass, guests should pay more attention to the following: The toilets of the church can not be used between 9am and 1pm. So, if you're not blessed with a mega-enduring bubble, you might better postpone the drink to the subsequent reception.
  • The arrival is strictly regulated and the monthly ticket for the train or the bus may not be used on this day. Guests are allowed to drive only with their own car or a rental car. If necessary, the journey on foot is permitted. How kind!
  • The social media channels of the guests will clean up on the wedding day. Cell Phones, Tablets, Cameras, Drones (What, there are certainly some very smart people who wanted to put their little plane in the jacket pocket ...) are bagged before the ceremony. Knipsen strictly forbidden!

Well, is that okay? On May 19th we know more!

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