These are the best movies to feel like a teen again. Including swarm!

Forever 17? we do not want to be, but sometimes, sometimes it's great to feel like that for a while. Alternatively, he helps to be happy that we are no longer 17, but 40. In any case, the right Teenieschnulze at the right time can make a sweeten the evening really. Especially if there is still a nice dream boy in it. Here are our top five:

1. Sierra Burgess is a loser

Sierra Burgess is very clever and funny, but she does not look like a cheerleader. Nevertheless, she does write SMS with the school swarm. Unfortunately, he thinks they come from the school's flagship leader ... But that's not the only surprise in this RomCom, which is a bit smarter than this genre otherwise suggests. Shannon Purser as overweight Sierra Burgess is really great. And Noah Centineo as Jamie is exactly the type we would have found really sweet at 16. Well, actually we still find it today ...

2. To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Did not we all secretly write love letters when we were teenagers? The same applies to the 16 years of Lara Jean, with the small difference that her sister sends the letters to the boys, who should be kept secret. SURPRISE: Again, Noah Centineo gives the high school swarm. However, that does not matter, because you can not see the 22-year-olds often enough!

3. The Kissing Booth

Elle and Lee are best friends? and, no, they are not secretly in love with each other, but actually just buddies. However, with its own rules, one of them is that Elle can not do anything with Lee's superhottem big brother Noah. But who did Elle fall in love with? Just. Jacob Elordi is in fact irresistible even with a grim Justin Bieber memorial hairstyle. We definitely understand Elle very well.

4. DUFF - If you do not have one, you are one!

Bianca is a horror movie fan, small and boyish and therefore perfect for DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend). Because she wants to get rid of her role as an ugly duckling and conquer her crush Toby, she decides to change her life immediately. But she gets help from her sandbox friend Wesley. Of course he is the hottest type of school. Fun Fact: Wesley alias Robbie Amell was born in real life in 1988? so by no means too young to become our new flock ...

5. Sexeducation

Yeah, we know, this is not a movie, but it makes it all the better because we can still get more from this super series after a episode. What is it about? Otis is the son of well known sex therapist Jean Milburn, but has no experience of his own. When he can help a classmate with a sex problem, his classmate Maeve Wiley comes up with the idea to start money with a sextupress service for her classmates. All characters (especially Otis' best gay friend) are so charming and funny that you can not stop looking. Bonus: Act X star Gillian Anderson gives the hippie mother a great way.

Shark Lake (Full Movie) Action. Thriller | Dolph Lundgren (March 2023).

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