So angry is the "dead pants" singer

"Band Aid" with Campino, Ina Müller, Jan Delay and many other German stars, in German "Do they know it's Christmas?" sing and collect money to fight Ebola - that sounds like a fundraiser, as it is done hundredfold at Christmas. But even before the start of "Band Aid" in German there was criticism of the Christmas single, which has now led to a satirical Böhmermann video for "Band Aid".

Organizer Campino now burst in an interview with the radio station "1Live" the collar. Addressed to the criticisms, the "dead pants" front man complained about the "cynical mindset" with us, and the people who get upset about the "kitschy Christmas carol", or that there was a pop star next to a pop star: "Me It would be great if we stopped talking about local sensitivities and much more about Ebola. "

He realized that it would be "uncomfortable", Campino continued. Charity is "not cool" and feels "slimy" - the participants were quite aware that they would put with their commitment "in the rain."

Now listen to: "Band Aid" interview with Campino

Not a good start to an interview, during which Campino always got in a bad mood. When asked how much he was criticized, he replied, annoyed, "I am so sad that the action has become a personal bashing of me and Geldof, and I put myself naked on the cathedral square and get insulted and then they will pay for Africa - then you can all have me! "

He finally lost his temper when he was asked if it would be possible to track exactly where the donations go: "Yes, watch out! The money from Germany, maybe we can buy a protective suit from and I'll tell you, in which village this protective suit will be used if you continue to ask so stupid, "he snapped moderator Johannes Sassenroth.

Even the co-host of the show could no longer smooth the waves: As they reassuring with the words "We'll listen to now" the German band-Aid-song wanted to bring Campino drove even with a gruff "Let's just hear it's kindly out!" between.

Key & Peele - Manly Tears (April 2023).

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