• June 12, 2021

Ikea: This video shocks furniture giant customers

Everyone knows this fruit bowl: the bowl BLANDA from Ikea (6.99 Euro) is available in thousands of kitchens worldwide - but is it dangerous?

A recent video by an Ikea customer points to this. The man had discovered that his grapes in the shell suddenly burst into flames. Then he started an experiment that was pretty hot.

How dangerous is the shell?

Because: Apparently the grapes had fallen into flames by the reflecting surface and the vaulting of the shell. The fruit bowl stood in the blazing sun - the reflection intensified the heat and caused the flare-up effect.

So the Ikea customer put a strip of newspaper in the bowl. Lo and behold: The snippet also caught fire immediately - within seconds, the strip stiffened.

För er som hade svårt att tro på't när det plötsligt började brinna i mina vindruvor på balcony har jag gjort ett litet expriment för att förtydliga hur det hela gick till. IKEA's skål blanda blank 20cm.

Posted by Richard Walter on Sunday, June 18, 2017

What does Ikea say about the video?

The furniture giant has looked at the video and now wants to test the shell. However, the company also emphasizes that small fires from the shell could not spread - that was an advantage of the curved shape.

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