Dangerous flirt

My dear old golf convertible, you must be brave now. It was just a one-day stand with the other, but a pretty fierce ...

I know, you've never let me down for ten years. Nevertheless, they pulled out of the market for Volkswagen guys like you. Their new "dream car" belongs to the trendy convertible coupe generation - motto: There is no bad weather, there are only wrong cars. Like you, with your soft top in winter. Your rival drives as veritable coupe through rain and snow, thanks to five-part sliding glass-metal roof. This comes in 25 seconds from the trunk and folds up in convertible weather just as quickly. Never get out of the car, pull up the soft top under the rear window, release the roof catch, unfold the roof, attach the protective cover and fasten it tightly. At Eos, everything is fully automatic. Has something. And I confess quite frankly: He looks seductively good too, taller, broader, more elegant than you. Above all, without he has that certain sporty something that I miss with you: beefy, deep-drawn grille, no frills side line, slightly rising rear. The roll bar, with which you unfortunately look like a handle basket on wheels, is sunk behind the back seats and would be catapulted out only in threatening imbalance. But the Eos pulls with 150 hp so rail safe and spruchschnell through steep curves, that I can not imagine this emergency. The electronic stabilization program ESP keeps the rear steady, uneven roads go smoothly. I feel bodyguard-accompanied thanks to sports seats with head and side airbags and raised doors. Although I can not put my elbow down as comfortably as you do, but for that I have to wind up the windows only at 120 km / h.

In the cockpit no superfluous bells and whistles, the lever for the crisp to be switched six-speed gear sporty short and-like handlebar and handbrake-standard leather-covered. I like it. The same applies to the front-seat return mechanism after someone has gotten in the rear.

But, my dear old golf convertible, do not take this flirting too hard, I have to save a bit. The Eos basic version costs between 25,950 (115 hp) and 35,500 (250 hp, available from autumn) Euro, navigation system or individual design not included. And they have not announced snow for the next winter ...

DANGER - THE FLIRTS (June 2021).

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