Beauty Tips: Find the right makeup - that's how it works

Buying make-up often looks like wine in a supermarket. Those who are not experts can be seduced by a beautiful shell and often spend too much money on products that are not perfect for their own skin and beauty type at home. How to escape these mishaps, we reveal here.

Read customer reviews on the Internet!

Whether foundation, bronzer or lipstick: Who wants to buy cosmetics products in the higher price segment, should thoroughly research. What is the internet for ... Customer reviews can greatly simplify the pre-selection for laymen. And beauty bloggers and YouTube fans also offer good help on their channels. Of course, one should not rely completely on the judgment of others, because: Every skin is different.

Test, test, test

What brings us directly to the second important point: The beauty product should be tested before buying necessarily enough. Only then can you decide if it really fits. The testers in the drugstore but should be wiped before at least with a tissue, so as not to come into contact with germs. Alternatively, the cosmetics can also be tested on the back of the hand or on the neck. The latter is especially recommended for liquid make-up. Who shops in the perfumery, Foundation and Co. should be applied by the same professional.

In daylight everything looks different again ...

Artificial light is not optimal for testing! The bright light can distort the result quite a bit. The best thing is to leave the store after testing - this is the only way to really check the durability, quality and color intensity of make-up, lipstick or mascara.

Take home small snacks!

Especially high-end brands often have test patterns for their products. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask the seller if he can provide a sample for home use. After all, you often do not have a lot of money for perfect make-up. If the bad conscience here plagues, should make it clear to the experts in the store that you have serious purchase intentions. Often, however, they also offer this option on their own.


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