Ariana Grande: Engagement with Pete Davidson dissolved!

Ariana Grande (25, "Dangerous Woman") and Pete Davidson (24) have apparently split up. At the weekend, the two should have their engagement resolved, reports the US celebrity portal "TMZ". "It was too much and too early," quotes the "People" magazine an insider. The separation was not "shocking" for anyone.

Sources close to the couple said, according to "TMZ," that the decision to break up had come from both sides, as both the singer and the "Saturday Night Live" star did not agree on the date for a firm commitment had come. The two did not want to rule out that they could find each other again, it said.

Many strokes of fate

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had surprisingly announced their engagement in spring - apparently only a few weeks after getting to know each other better. Grande's engagement ring is said to be worth about $ 100,000, TMZ reported.

In September, Grande had stated that she was going through a difficult period, posting a lot of personal messages on Twitter. In addition, the singer announced that she needed a break from the limelight. The 25-year-old had lost her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller (1992 - 2018) in early September by a supposed overdose. She also struggles with the aftermath of Manchester's traumatic experiences when a suicide bomber blew herself up in 2017 after her concert. Over 20 people died.

Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Breakup Reportedly Because Of Mac Miller's Death (April 2023).

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