Turn off on vacation: 10 tricks to leave the job behind

For decades, the world of work has been turning faster. In addition, the boundaries between job and leisure increasingly blur? It is becoming more and more normal to be available after work and even on vacation.

But therein is a great danger to our health. And that is the most precious thing we have! And we have a lot more fun on vacation if we leave the job where it belongs: at home.

10 tips for successful shutdown:

1) Be consistent beforehand

So that you do not even have the feeling that you have to be available on vacation, should you already work in everyday life to consistently separate your job and your free time? by not being available after work and leaving all tools in the office. Unless you run a DAX-listed company, you bustle for money or you're self-employed for other reasons ...

2) Prepare for absence wisely

Sure, if you know on vacation that your work mails will not go into the void, you can relax better. So: set up an absence mail before leaving and letter the deputy well. Who then writes down what is pending after the holiday, no longer has to worry about it during the free time.

3) Leave laptop and Co. at home

Sounds logical, but sadly not all heed: leave tools such as laptop and Diensthandy at home (or directly in the office)! Yes, you read that right, the world will not go down if you can not reach the boss for a few weeks a year.

4) Delete apps

You communicate with your colleagues via apps? Then you uninstalled for the time of your vacation? or even better: If you have an old mobile phone lying around at home, take this with you? and leave the other in the desk drawer.

5) Meditating and emptying the brain

Meditation is ideal for ridding the brain of nagging thoughts, but it does require some practice. The best way to start with it in everyday life? and then perfect on vacation. For example, with a mango smoothie under a coconut tree ...

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