This love letter of a four-year-old is melting away

What a declaration of love! The little Bennet is totally shot in Baily, who is also four years old. And instead of shyly admonishing them from afar, he goes straight to the point and dictates his mother a unique letter to his crush. His invitation is so direct and carefree that pretty much all "adult" love declarations just look old:

"Will you come to my house, please?"


Will you come to my house, please? Let's play together! I think you're pretty, like a horse or a ladybird, I'm not sure what either. You should come to my house and eat cheese with me.

I love you and lost a tooth last night. I think I'd like to show you a magic trick, and then you can watch me fighting robots.

In love,


Declaration of love with tragic background

Bennet and Baily have been in the same kindergarten for the last two years, but Bennet only now discovered his true feelings for the girl next to him. The idea for the letter came to him as he watched his mother e-mail - and promptly persuaded her to do the same for him.

Anyway, Bennet was overjoyed when he handed over the letter - and he can use every encouragement: at the age of six months, he was diagnosed with cancer and since then has had to go to chemotherapy on a regular basis. Fortunately, the therapy seems to work, and according to his mother, Bennet is about to go to his hopefully very last check-up.

We are sure: expressing his feelings so clearly has given him a great deal more strength and stability - even though the worshiped Baily was at first more confused than overwhelmed by the gesture.

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