• January 15, 2021

Spring Offer: Aldi sells furniture for the garden and balcony

Off to the fresh air!

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Hard to believe, but: Winter is finally on the decline! Throughout Germany, the sun is showing more and more, and temperatures are rising to areas where the brave even dare to go outside only in a T-shirt. No question: The fresh air season has begun! Everywhere now the grill sets are dusted and brought the garden furniture from basement and garage. Anyone who finds that the old pieces are falling apart slowly (or maybe has no furniture for outside), may be happy: From 30 March 2017, there are at Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd a particularly favorable basic equipment for garden and balcony to buy!

What exactly is on offer?

© Aldi North

In short: Everything you can sit on or what you can turn off your cool drink. From the garden lounger for just under 40 euros to the stacking chair for 30 euros, there are various seating to get. Matching editions are also available, but they must be bought for just under 10 euros extra. Tables in various sizes and shapes are also available in the price range of 35 to 70 euros.

© Aldi North

And of course there are also cheap umbrellas: At Aldi Nord a patio umbrella with plenty of space for beach chairs for just under 70 euros, at Aldi Süd a normal parasol, which costs just under 16 euros.

Is the offer worth it?

Definitely! The Aldi furniture cost sometimes less than half as many comparable branded products. Of course, it is not to be expected that an aluminum recliner chair for just under 45 euros will have exactly the same quality standards as the branded product for 150 euros. Lastly, the crucial question is how often you will use the garden equipment: Who knows that he will spend the next few years over his summer on the terrace every day, is probably better with more expensive garden furniture, but of course, are also more durable. But if you just want to enjoy the balcony and terrace every now and then without taking a deep breath, this is definitely a good idea!

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