Party make-up: natural-fresh

© Julia Windhövel

The natural make-up is ideal for all women who hardly make up their face in everyday life.

It gives the complexion a great deal of freshness and at the same time looks classy and reduces without being boring.

We'll show you how it's done on the next pages!

The primer

Important in the natural-glamorous look is one perfect primer, First, small impurities with one Concealer disappear. As a finish transparent powder Apply, which lets the skin breathe and fixes the make-up at the same time. rouge gives the face freshness.

Tip: In the evening it may be a little more quiet.

Uneven brows with Eyebrow powder and balance a small brush.

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© Julia Windhövel

The banana

The banana is always with two or more shades make-up and suitable as a base for almost every eye make-up. Also, she conceals her tired eyes and Schlupflider perfectly!

Apply the lighter shade on the eyelid and under the brow.

© Julia Windhövel

Excess Eyeshadow Powder with one Schminkbürstchen gently remove from cheeks and nose.

© Julia Windhövel

Well the Position the darker shade in the eyelid fold and run softly up to the brow and down to the eyelid.

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© Julia Windhövel

The finish

On the lower eyelid set accents with the darker nuance, In the process, always narrow towards the inside or make-up only up to the middle of the eye. This visually opens the eyes.

© Julia Windhövel

With a rose-colored Contour pin tighten the lips, This prevents leakage of the lip gloss or lipstick. Always draw from outside to inside.

lip gloss in natural rose tones with small glitter particles completes the look.

© Julia Windhövel

mascara apply for the stunning eyecup - finished is the natural-glamorous party make-up!


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