Make croutons yourself

Croutons refine salads and soups or serve as a filling for dumplings. If you want to make croutons yourself, first cut white bread into thin slices, cut off the bark and roll the bread. Fry the bread cubes in a pan - depending on taste in butter, in oil or in an oil-butter mixture. The croutons are especially hearty if you rub the pan out with garlic beforehand or roast the croutons in exuberant bacon fat.

Croutons quickly turn dark, so turn them several times until they are brown all around, and then drain on kitchen paper.

If you want to save fat, you can also roast croutons in a non-stick pan - even without fat. However, the croutons do not taste so good then. Always sprinkle croutons on the dish just before serving, otherwise they will become soft!

Make Croutons yourself - here you can try out your new knowledge

Whether in pumpkin soup or tomato soup - croutons go well with soups. But even as a side salad croutons are indispensable for many people.

The recipe: Green pea soup with lemon croutons

Recipe: mixed salad with croutons

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Also good as a side salad: Parmesan cheese. In the video we explain how you can do it yourself.

How To Make Croutons Recipe: for Soups, Caesar Salad, Stuffing: Di Kometa-Dishin' With Di Recipe #20 (January 2021).

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