Indie Travel Guide: With "The Feeling" through London

Hang out in the favorite pub of the Kaiser Chiefs? Shopping where clover singer Suzie Kerstgens shops? No problem! In the unusual travel guide Indie Travel Guide musicians present their city. The book is a great thing for anyone who really wants to experience something on the next city trip. We publish excerpts: Dan Gillespie Sell starts with The Feeling.

"I've lived all my life in London, always in other parts of the city, which is why I know the city pretty well, because I live in East London now, I really wanted to focus on this neighborhood, but I will not, because I love it the whole city. "

Dan Gillespie Sells, singer of the band "The Feeling"


St. Paul's Cathedral - I'm an architecture enthusiast and St. Paul's Cathedral is an impressive structure, especially when you're in it, it stands out. I like such religious buildings, but I'm not a bit religious myself. No idea why that is, maybe it's because I'm from a big city and not from a small village. St. Paul's Cathedral has my favorite personal architect, the esteemed Christopher Wren, built. For me he is the greatest British architect, he has rebuilt almost all of London. If someone gives a concert in the cathedral, a choir sings and the organ sounds, everything becomes even more uplifting there. I love to listen to chorales there.

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National Portrait Gallery - This is the gallery that I like the most. Portraits radiate something special. You look back, so to speak, in history, seeing all the people, how they were dressed, what they looked like, how they were seen ... from the last 1000 years. In the National Portrait Gallery, everything is put together brilliantly and presented pretty cleverly.

2 St. Martin's Place; >>

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Salt yard is a damn good tapas bar. The Salt Yard is suitable for a variety of events, from a romantic rendezvous to a meal with friends.

54 Goodge Street; 2 New Change; >>

Pub / bar

The Ten Bells My favorite pub is called and by the way belongs to a good friend. This pub is truly unique and has a great history. Jack The Ripper, who has a lot of people, mainly prostitutes, on their conscience, "worked" in the area in the old East End, where a stroke was. Now everything has become a bit finer here in the corner, but between 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning there are still prostitutes around. We are very often in The Ten Bells and I bet Jack The Ripper was probably in here too often and chose his victims. Certainly not at the Pub Quiz, which takes place here every first Monday of the month. The pub is simple but comfortably furnished, which is why it is always full house. It is very dark here, also because of the old furniture. The house beer is Guiness, because the host is Irish.

84 Commercial Street


Rebel Rebel (every first Saturday of the month), named after a record shop in New York selling exclusively records by David Bowie. The whole thing takes place in The Phoenix, a typical pub on a street corner, but down in the basement where the music plays. The place is very limited, so it is advisable to be there quite early so as not to be in the queue for a long time. Rebel Rebel is a real rock 'n' roll club that also plays pop from time to time, usually a mix of indie and classic pop rock songs. In the club, you mainly meet young people. The mood is always good and peaceful. You have the feeling that everyone knows everyone and everyone is happy that you are here - and that's why I like it there.

37 Cavendish Square; >>

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The Feeling - in the middle singer Dan Gillespie Sells

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record store

Fopp is a great deal. I collect records from charity shops, but that's a different matter, because they're not pure record shops. I usually never buy my old records in the record store, but on collectors' stock exchanges. If you want to get new DVDs and CDs, go to Fopp, the alternative to Zavvi. The best Fopp, on Tottenham Court Road, also sells books and newspapers. Fopp is also much cheaper than all megastores.

220-224 Tottenham Court Road; >>

clothing store

There is one in Whitechapel Oxfam - I do not buy my clothes anywhere else.Well, sometimes an undershirt at Marks & Spencer. However, most of my stuff comes from vintage stores that I discovered on tour.

Hackney Road; >>

shoe store

I can not think of the name of this business right now. Maybe it's because I always use the store "The old man shop" Call, because there is always an ancient and a very young man working as a salesman in it. The store is on Cheshire Street as you turn off Brick Lane. Go down the street and on the right you see a shop where all the shoes are piled up in their boxes. Many indie kids buy their white tennis shoes for only 5 pounds. If I buy shoes there, then leather shoes in the good old East End style or a pair of slippers. The store is certainly since the 60s. They were the first to sell Doc Martens and there are still the first owners in it.

Blackman's Shoes: 42-44 Cheshire Street


Queens - The store belongs to my friends Darren and Gary and is a gay shop in Spitalfields Market. A strange place where nothing but fagot stuff is sold. It's Christmas all year round. Everything there is absolutely magical: small boxes into which one puts jewelry, the glittering jewelry, large stuffed owls with long eyelashes, elves, feather boas - all in batches and completely away from good and evil.

Shop 111B, Commercial Street, Spitalfield Market

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