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What are acids? Acids are chemical compounds that split off hydrogen ions (H +) in aqueous solution, d. H. react sour, such. Hydrochloric acid, lactic acid, carbonic acid.

... and what are bases? Bases - or alkalis - are chemical compounds that split off hydroxide ions (OH-) in aqueous solution, d. H. react basic, such. As sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide.

What is the pH value? The pH is a measure of the acidity. The stronger the acid, the smaller the pH. Each Bullrich Acid-Base Balance tablet contains test strips that allow you to measure your urinary pH.

And what is the acid-base balance? The acid-base balance is the interaction of acids and bases to ensure optimal metabolism. He controls breathing, circulation, digestion, excretion, immune defense, hormone production and much more like a strict accountant. Almost all biological processes only run correctly if a certain pH is guaranteed.

Basic foods are important for well-being

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How does the body excrete excess acids? First and foremost about the kidney. This is reflected in the acidic urinary pH. The liver works together with the kidneys by saving the important buffer base hydrogencarbonate when needed. Excess carbon dioxide is exhaled in the form of CO2 through the lungs. If the buffer systems in the blood are overloaded, excess acids are stored in the connective tissue.

Why does the body need zinc? Zinc contributes to a normal acid-base metabolism and to a normal function of the immune system. The following foods are good sources of zinc: cheese, wheat germ, walnuts and pecans, lentils, seafood and shellfish, green tea.

Bullrich base tablets support the acid-base balance with zinc

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Which foods are basic? Basic foods are potatoes, fruits, vegetables, onions, garlic, whole milk, cream, still mineral water and herbal tea.

And sour or acidifying? These are meat and sausage, fish, egg whites, cheese, quark, sugar and sugar products, coffee, chocolate and alcohol.

Are there any neutral foods? Yes, namely butter, vegetable oils, green beans, good drinking water. Of the cereals millet, spelled and buckwheat are the most balancing.

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