dArtagnan: That's why Irish Folk and Schlager are so similar

They call their music style "Musketeer Rock", their motto: "One for all, all for one": dArtagnan, Ben Metzner, Tim Bernard and Gustavo Strauß, stand out with their music, outfits and stage show of commercial artists from. The trio from Nuremberg wants to spread a positive attitude to life with his third album "In that Night", which will be released on March 15th. The news agency spot on news tells the three how they got to know each other and which cover song of the Breton folk song "Son ar chistr" they like best.

You are not a typical commercial band. What does folk-rock mean to you?

Ben Metzner: It all started with a funny idea, the joke got stuck and in the end we stayed with it, because it gives a lot. Thematically, we are at home in the fairytale world. Everything about Alexandre Dumas, the Three Musketeers, Renaissance, the Middle Ages and Irish Folk - these are our elements. The rest is rock music - very classic: drums, bass, guitar with folklore instruments like violin, bagpipe or flute.

Tim Bernard: Especially funny was our visit to the costume shop at the beginning. The saleswoman asked us: "What are you doing?" And we answered her: Musketeer Rock. The label found our idea great and that has prevailed.

You play an incredible number of instruments. Have you always been so musical?

Ben Metzner: We were not born musically. I like medieval music for ages ...

Tim Bernard: We used to make music together, because, funny enough, we grew up in the same village. So the whole dArtagnan friendship theme is not a show - I know Ben since he peed out the campfire.

Gustavo Strauß: And I play the violin since I was seven years old. For the first five years you do not master the instrument so well, then it gets better.

You have already released four singles before your album will be released on March 15th. Why did you take your time with it?

Ben Metzner: We wanted to make our fans aware of our album early on, give each single or each video an extra place and show: Here comes a harbinger of the new album and so diverse is our record.

Which song is your favorite on the new album?

Ben Metzner: Every song means a lot to us. "That Night," as our album and a song on it, is about, for example, how we Gustavo (editor: Gustavo Strauss has supported the band since the end of last year as a violinist) met. We sat on the balcony in November at minus degrees and have drunk beer until 6 o'clock in the morning. We were only two musketeers, had an exit to complain and two weeks later a performance in which we needed someone. Then Gustavo came with his violin almost like an angel from nowhere and has taken our music to a new level.

From one of your most successful hits "What do we want to drink", there are several covers. What's - your own of course - your favorite cover?

Ben Metzner: As a kid, I liked "Zeven dagen lang" for the most part, but meanwhile I like the Dutch version of Rapalje or "Son ar chistr" by Alan Stivell even better. The interesting thing: the song is actually Breton. Translated it is the song of cider. That's hard to do historically, that's why I find that so interesting.

Gustavo Strauß: As a kid I used to like to hear the version from the band Zupfgeigenhansel.

Tim Bernard: Mine is "How much is the fish" by Scooter. (laughs) The version is already historical.

Which message do you want to pass on to the fans with your music?

Ben Metzner: In the end, the good guys always win. We like to show that in our music videos. This is very important to us.

Tim Bernard: Musically speaking, many carnival bands use Irish folk, because the basic motivation is the same: we want to convey a positive attitude to life.

You celebrate with your music especially the friendship. Would you sign that?

Tim Bernard: It would be tough on tour if it were not a very close friendship. This includes the rock band or the crew and actually everyone who participates. But it is also important that one can be strict among friends and the other does not take offense. In a sentence summarized: pack beats, pack is compatible.

Bots - Was wollen wir trinken (7 Tage lang) (January 2021).

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