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Combat Cellulite: This sport is most effective!

Combat cellulite: These sports are maximally effective!

Muckis are in a good mood - and can help to make you feel better. Because where muscles are, orange peel has bad cards. The female need for more muscle power is growing steadily, says Ingo Froböse, a professor at the German Sport University Cologne.

And while it's not about a bodybuilder silhouette, "I've been seeing women want to be more athletic for some time now, and they know that there's no reason to be afraid of Popeye arms if you train properly 13 percent heavier than fat, but firmer and displacing the fat cells, no one has to be scared of it. "

Muscles displace fat cells

A simple concept: Who builds muscle fibers, displaces the fat cells. This is exactly where the C word comes in: cellulite. The main cause of orange peel is the loss of elasticity of the connective tissue, which allows the fatty tissue to spread more easily and push up through the rod-shaped strands of connective tissue. In addition, women have thinner skin than men, more hormonal fat on the thighs and store more water in the tissue.

"A combination of strength and endurance training stimulates the biochemistry of the metabolism, drains and improves the inner workings of the muscles," explains Professor Froböse.

The result: The orange peel becomes less hilly. The dents do not disappear completely, but they can be alleviated and the formation of new ones prevented.

Train short and sweet

Can you really get rid of cellulite? according to studies Intensive, short training boosts energy metabolism much faster as a moderate strength-endurance training. Many workout programs, such as these, rely on this principle. the "Short Intensive Training" "SIT" with approx. 18 minutes. The workout was developed by the Hamburg sports expert Marco Santoro - it should be completed three to four times a week.

Also regeneration day are important because the muscle only grows during the recovery time. Since it really is (!) Exhausting, untrained people should start with a one-month adjustment period (eg jogging or light workout, then start with half of the given rates and increase slowly). If you are already trained, you can start immediately.

Combat cellulite? our insider tips

To try, we have a "SIT" unit with the four best tighteners for butt and legs selected for you. Plus nutrition and beauty tips. Well then summer can come ...

"SIT" unit

That's how it's done: The unit lasts about 15 minutes, you can train outside or indoors. Active breaks are allowed: After each exercise, a one-minute active break may be built in (for example, bounce or run on the spot). Before you start, warm up for a while (walking slowly, jump skipping or jumping on the spot).

1. Combine jogging with fast sprints: Run for 20 seconds, pull the tempo for 20 seconds, go for 20 seconds - athletic sprints address the entire leg and butt muscles. Repeat 5 times.

2. Stretch jump from the deep squat: The feet are hip-width, then go into the deep squat and stretch your arms backwards (knees bent at a 90-degree angle). Get powerful momentum with your arms and make as much stretching as possible. 3 sets of 15 repetitions. Take 1 minute break between sets and walk around.

3rd Lunge step in bouncing change: Take a long lunge (front knee at 90-degree angle, back knee just above the floor), upper body upright. Leg change in the jump. Jump back and forth for 1 minute, pause for 1 minute. 3 sentences.

4. Squats crosswise to the back: Cross the left leg behind the right, tap and kneel until the left knee is just off the ground. Stand upright and lift the leg diagonally to the left, keeping the balance short. 90 seconds per leg.

Violent, but worth it: Because after two weeks you will see completely new sides of your muscles: "You can really feel after a short time that the Po is firmer," promises "SIT" inventor Marco Santoro. And who supports the muscle building through nutrition, accelerates the training success even.

Eating Better: The Top Five Tips for Tight Muscles

1. Sit on protein! It provides the energy for muscle growth and puts u. a. in foods like lentils, soy, dairy products, eggs and algae. Especially wakame algae (as a salad or in sushi) are real protein proteins.

2. Pepper and chili are the better salt! While salt binds water and thus also promotes water retention, which are responsible for the formation of dents, spicy spices such as chilli and pepper stimulate the metabolism and thus support the muscle growth.

3. An apple per day ... An apple a day not only keeps you healthy, but also deller-free. This is due to the fiber pectin, which stimulates the digestion of fats in particular.

4. Reduce sugar as much as possible. Yes, this tip is annoying, but it also brings a lot, if you take it to heart, after all, sugar interferes with cell metabolism and reduces or even inhibits muscle growth. Reduce does not mean to completely renounce. But it helps, for example, to simply drink pure water instead of Schorle. Or just one candy day per week.

5. Sauer makes fun and smooth. A splash of lemon in the water, on the fish fillet or on the fruit salad stimulates the release of the so-called activity hormone - and this is also a metabolism accelerator.

The nourishing icing on the cake for a tightening workout

Too bad, but unfortunately true: who only creams and otherwise gives the couch diva, may not expect much of the effect of firming beauty products. However, those who strengthen and additionally cream, supports his connective tissue quite well. For example, a good post-exercise care program could start with a classic: Hot-cold alternating showers and then with the massage glove massage the legs from bottom to top in circular motions. This perfects the connective tissue and the legs are optimally prepared for subsequent care.

Firming body oils are best applied to wet skin and, like all anti-cellulite products, they are ideally worked in small circles from the ankle upwards; Many companies already supply small massage instructions.

A popular ingredient is by the way caffeineMost creams contain two to five percent - it is said to stimulate blood circulation and thus reduce the tissue build-up responsible for the dents.

Even more tips for every body region: You want to lose weight on the stomach? These exercises will help you! Losing weight with yoga? Fatburn in the gentle way. Also: 3 exercises to get rid of your bacon.

How I Reduced My CELLULITE | Tips, Food, Exercises & What Actually Works! (July 2020).

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