Bachelor Andrej: That's what he says about sex in front of the camera

Wednesday is again "Bachelor" time: Today (20:15 clock) is the popular dome show at RTL in the ninth round. This time the professional basketball player and entrepreneur Andrej Mangold (31) tries his luck. The 1.90-meter Hühne with the bright blue eyes hopes to find in Mexico among a total of 20 candidates the great love. What he attaches particular importance to women and whether he wants to break the kiss record of his predecessor, Daniel Völz (34), he reveals in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

Which type of woman do you stand on?

Andrej: My ex-girlfriends were mostly brunette. Visually, this appeals to me at first glance. But I am now looking forward to getting to know women beyond the first visual impression. Home does not usually give you the opportunity to get to know the women, who might not have noticed you at first glance. I am curious how this will develop in Mexico.

Nevertheless, you have to sift out at 20 women first. Where do your eyes first go?

Andrej: In any case, face. That's the most important thing for me: a beautiful charisma, a beautiful smile and great eyes. Of course, I also look at her figure. Maybe also on what she has on, how she styles herself and how she gives herself.

And what are you doing with women?

Andrej: I find it difficult when a woman is bitchy. If she is dishonest, lies do not go at all. Also jealousy is a topic that I do not like so much.

How many times have you been in love with your life and how long has your longest relationship been?

Andrej: I would say four times. My last two relationships each lasted a bit longer than four years.

Do you believe that there is one great love for each person?

Andrej: I firmly believe in that! I also felt that during my time with my two ex-girlfriends. At the end, of course, not anymore, because we had noticed that we are somehow developing apart. But I believe in the great love, and I look for it too.

Do you dream of a wedding and your own family?

Andrej: Absolutely, that's my big goal. I would like to find a partner with whom I can build something, start a family and whom I can marry.

Do you really think that you will find this partner on TV? With your predecessors, it has not worked so far ...

Andrej: If I did not believe in it, I would not participate. I definitely give the whole thing a chance. Of course, I'm aware that you get to know each other under extreme conditions. And I also realize that at home there is also a "normal" world. You just have to look at how far this can develop and how it can be done away from the dream world together.

How has your environment responded that you are the new "Bachelor"?

Andrej: Of course, a bomb burst here. The phone was not standing still. But of the people who mean something to me, I've only gotten positive feedback. Of course, there were also one or two who said: You do not need that. But then, when they think about it, it makes sense for them too. I am glad that I got positive feedback there.

Daniel Völz recently went down in history as the "Bachelor" with the most kisses. Can you keep up?

Andrej: That's not my goal. But it would be presumptuous to say you get to know women and you do not kiss them. I have no idea what will happen. But I think a kiss is the logical consequence someday, when you get to know each other, learn to appreciate each other and also realize that something is building up between two people. By then you have to kiss to remember, it works and harmonizes on this level.

Would you go one step further, what about sex?

Andrej: If cameras are around, I'll probably do the hell and keep going.

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