Zodiac Virgo: Analytical and independent

Date of birth 24.8. - 23.9.

Positive characteristics

  • independently
  • can address grievances
  • can encourage others well
  • disciplined
  • careful


  • uncompromising
  • perfectionist
  • often keep feelings under wraps
  • censoriousness

Which partners match the star sign Jungfrau?

Virgo is ruled by Mercury like the Gemini Gemini, which means that both prefer the mind to the heart. This connects, but can also cause the liveliness in the relationship suffers. The star sign Pisces is inspiring for virgins, because of this, the creativity is born into the partnership. To enjoy more, learn virgins from the star sign Taurus.

And the other signs of the zodiac? That reveals the big partner horoscope, the astro traffic light.


A motto of the virgins is: "Only what I do myself is well done"

The big interview with star astrologer Roswitha Broszath about the sign Virgo

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What does the star sign Virgo tell us about virgin-born?

Roswitha Broszath: Virgo is a very large constellation, which underlines the importance of the sign. On old maps the Virgin is depicted with wings and two ears of corn. Most of all she has to do with the goddess Demeter, who brings the good gifts of bread and wine. The wings are a bit confusing, because Virgo is not an angel.

Virgo stands for a free, independent femininity. No zodiac sign has this independence that the Virgin has. She wants no one to be subject. She takes care to be able to go her own way, no matter what life situation. In elemental things she will make no compromises.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Virgins are quickly portrayed as meticulous, perfectionist and spiteful.

Roswitha Broszath: That does not do justice to the sign. Of course, the maiden claims to be very precise, and she also has something perfectionist, but wonderfully not consistent. Virgins can also have a corner where they are pleasantly sloppy, as a healthy regulator actually. Surely the maiden is not predestined to be a perfect housewife. Rather, it has a special cosmic mission: to contribute with courage and humility to the healing of this planet.

The talent for analysis and diagnosis belongs to Virgo, as well as the purity claim. Because of this, virgins are also frequently found in therapeutic professions and prefer to deal with the bumps of life that require healing and order. Environmental protection is explicitly virgin quality. They have a critical point of view and the courage to name and fix the unpleasant and uncomfortable. No other sign of the zodiac has such a strong connection to Zen Buddhism as the Virgin. There are special rules that state that even minor daily duties such as dusting, ironing, even cleaning such low-level work as the toilet can be a divine act. Everything is meditation and is done by the virgin with the right consciousness. Zen-inspired, she sees beauty in simplicity and simplicity.

"Great wisdom comes from great doubt," by the way, this word of Confucius is also a typical Virgo point of view.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Sounds like we've already found a maiden motto.

Roswitha Broszath: Yes, but there are others. "Order is half life", for example, but not because the Virgin is so perfectionist, but because she feels disorder as a waste of time. She is very economical. That virgins can not delegate well shows in another motto: "Only what I do myself, is well done".

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Where are virgins in good hands?

Roswitha Broszath: Regrettably, they are often found in the second row, which is due to childhood. Virgins are often born in a situation where someone questions whether it is wise to have a child now. For example, because the parents are very tense, stuck in an existential start-up or even emergency. The unborn child internalizes this feeling of being inconvenient. Out of this situation, virgin-born children often end up in the second row and need to be encouraged to demand the appropriate praise for their truly brilliant accomplishments before someone else comes to the fore with their achievements.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Which professions are special to the Virgo?

Roswitha Broszath: To the virgin belongs: order, clarify, heal. It works systematically, methodically, reliably, continuously, logically. This enables them to deliver perfect work.With her preferences, she is often found in therapeutic professions, very often they are socially educational.

Psychological body therapy is also a strength of the Virgin, because she - like no other sign of the zodiac - has the knowledge about the unity of body, soul and spirit. Nutrition is also a specialty of her, maybe because she herself is very sensitive to foods. The maiden will always be knowledgeable rather than complaining that she can not tolerate certain foods. Making a virtue out of necessity is a typical virgin gift.

Thanks to their green thumb, virgins are also good gardeners or landscape architects. They are also ideal for jobs requiring organization and planning. Their accuracy predestines them for jobs such as tax consultants or tax consultants, but it is important that the matter is not too dry. Even if they have a rational point of view and even do unpopular work in a concentrated manner, they already like to engage in inspiring tasks.

Often virgins are also found in the publishing industry - as a writer, editor or editor. They are also good theatrical or literary critics, because they have the ability to quickly identify weaknesses and grasp the essentials.

Their sense of responsibility for the environment often leads them to organic farming, letting them work as environmental activists or in a health food store. They do not shy away from publicizing environmental scandals.

Virgins have a great need to make themselves invulnerable through perfect performance. In childhood, they are often not so encouraged and have to fight hard: the high school, study, the money for study. That shapes.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: How are virgins in relationships?

Roswitha Broszath: A maiden will look for someone who appreciates their particularity, who does not restrict them, who can also accept their criticism. In a relationship, the maiden will not take back and certainly not adapt, because that is something that was constantly required of her in childhood. She will always be careful to be the master of her own choices.

Because she does not let others pass, the maiden is certainly not a simple partner. She is aware of a balance between give and take. She is very open and clear, but expects that from the other as well. With her dominated nature, she can provoke her partner in disputes pretty much. Because virgins do not lose their composure that fast, they often have the upper hand in relationships. A virgin prefers to stay alone rather than being with someone who unworthily treats or compels her to compromise. Rather, for good reason alone than out of bad with someone, Virgo's motto is.

If someone is unproductive and takes no responsibility in relationships, she will tell him so too. She is compassionate, but not sentimental, but actually gripping. What moves her heart will only make her public if she really feels cared for. You have to trust the Virgin first.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: With whom does the star sign Virgo fit?

Roswitha Broszath: Often, the combination with your own sign or other earth sign is praised as a non-plus ultra, but

Virgin and virgin

can be a bit boring and also exhausting. There is no fire, even if the Virgin has a fiery side: In the sexuality, she can be very passionate, without ever losing her excellent mind. No other sign can separate eroticism and real lived relationship as the virgin. She is able to lead an emotional relationship of security with someone while at the same time enjoying a lover with whom she experiences fiery passion.

In Virgo and Capricorn

There is a risk that the work is too much in the foreground, because both focus there and life is reduced to ambition and usefulness.

Virgin and bull

Although there are two earth signs, the bull brings in another impulse. He emphasizes passion and enjoyment of life very much and will say to Jungfrau: "Now let's just go well".

Virgo and scorpion

Both have a very passionate sexuality. Only the scorpion often has a superimposed energy, which the virgin will not accept. She will show the scorpion clear boundaries.

Between Virgin and cancer

It can get boring quickly. Both have very psychological aspects - and relationships that only get psychologized quickly become artificial. In addition, the cancer may be hesitant, while the virgin is very decided. Even with the emotional fluctuations of the cancer the maiden will have her difficulties.

Virgo and fish

is an opposition, which is often experienced as inspiring. In this case, the analytical spirit of the Virgin and the fantasy of the fish meet. A good supplement. What connects the characters is their passion for helpers. Nevertheless, there is a risk that the sensitive fish from the maiden sometimes feels too harshly analyzed or criticized.

Virgo and twins

Both are ruled by Mercury. That unites, but as soon as the twin takes liberties, the virgin will press to find out why and why. The airiness of the twin will cause trouble for the maiden. In addition, both signs think and act intellectually. Among them, the liveliness of the relationship could suffer.

Virgin and Libra

lie close to each other, which is often favorable. However, this relationship will only work well if the partner's otherness is understood as a stimulus. A point of friction: The Virgin could be annoyed by the displacement mechanisms of Libra. A difficult relationship is between

Virgo and Aquarius

The virgin has system, the Aquarius likes the chaos, because he knows that it can make something exciting. In addition, both have a very different idea of ​​sexuality.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Still the fire signs.

Roswitha Broszath:

Virgo and Aries

are not an ideal couple. The maiden is planning everything exactly, the ram is more out of the pulse. He is a very boisterous character, seeking outward contact. The virgin is not closed, but acts much more thoughtful. If she embarked on an external relationship, she would do so very deliberately and discreetly without hurting anyone.

at Virgin and lion

conflicts are programmed. In the background, the maiden will do all the work that makes Leo want to make a splash with her performance.

Virgin and Sagittarius

are very different, even if they both have something philosophical and a great hunger for further knowledge. However, they deal differently with commitments and obligations. The Virgin keeps commitments, even if it involves great efforts. The shooter with his "What interests me my gossip of yesterday" attitude does not feel bound to commitments. As soon as something arrives, which interests him more or seems to him more important at the moment, he says goodbye or simply does not appear. But that does not let the virgin carry it with her. It is very important to her to be treated with respect, precisely because that was not always the case in childhood.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: The maiden seems at first glance to fit a few characters ...

Roswitha Broszath: She looks very differentiated and does not think that everyone has to. There are zodiac signs, such as the Libra, which are very dependent on encounter. The virgin is not one of them. Some zodiac signs are impractical and therefore seek a partner as a life coach in practical matters. That's not the virgin. She can assemble everything, including manual work, like a shelf. It also takes care of the official procedures - all things that can be a real challenge for others.

Of course, the maiden is not only sensible and not a lust-hostile being. She is an extremely good cook, for example. So the Virgin can enjoy life very well, she will never be unduly.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What else characterizes virgin women?

Roswitha Broszath: You are emancipated, but in a very natural way. Virgins are not prophylactically in fighting position, but assume that each person has internalized the principle of equality. They have a penetrating mind that can unsettle others as well. You know very quickly which kind of child is the other. You can not hurt her so soon. If someone does not approve of you, just move on. The virgin woman is not a simple partner because she sets high standards. She is not a languishing, cuddly, helpless creature, but a strong woman who is looking for a partner of equal value. He should be up to her in every way, but dare not to question her or make small, which could happen, because in my experience, the female maiden is often the more successful in the actual lived relationship.

The profession is very important to the Virgin. It is not superficially about fame and honor, but about the achievement of a life goal. She can also work behind the scenes. The main thing is that it contributes to the healing of the planet. The maiden looks for balance, which you are sometimes interpreted as expecting. But that's not true. The Virgin really gives it all, and if you're so committed to others, it's good to see if the others deserve it.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Where is the shadow of the Virgin?

Roswitha Broszath: In the criticism. Some virgins have something narcissistic about them, which is usually said about the lion. Virgo can circle around herself very much. With her comes the "I can do it better" attitude and the feeling of being omniscient. People who speak with a raised index finger often have a virgin accent. Truthfulness is a virginity that can be a little annoying because you have the impression that it is so perfect that I can only do poorly in relative terms.

A typical maiden attitude in conversation is: holding hands in front of the chest and stretching your fingers forward, a gesture that Angela Merkel has also learned. This keeps others at a distance. The maiden is very afraid of the unknown, so she tries to balance everything, she clocks, she plans all the steps exactly and also includes the other in this simulation game. For the partner it is often difficult, if he has the impression, to be completely analyzed.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: And what happens if something unexpected happens?

Roswitha Broszath: Then the maiden is dull and gets into trouble. Anyone who has a virgin child should therefore confront it early with new situations, so that it does not develop any constraints. Compulsiveness is the darkest shadow of the Virgin, which can complicate life too much.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: As we have heard, virgins are often in the second row. Are there still many virgins among the celebrities?

Roswitha Broszath: Yes, the narcissistic side often shows up. Michael Jackson, for example, was a virgin. For the women we have Selma Hayek, Anna Netrebko, Maria Furtwängler and Claudia Schiffer, where you can feel this perfect very clearly. Well-known virgin men are Hugh Grant, Prince Harry, Peter Maffay, Richard Gere and Karl Lagerfeld, who unites perfectionism and narcissism. Franz Beckenbauer is also a typical maiden. He has worked hard, has become a leading figure in football with diligence and meticulousness. Michael Jackson, too, has worked hard for his success.

Many designers are also virgin. In order to be able to design, they have to be able to sew, which requires accuracy - and that's a wish for a virgin.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Your fashion is probably rather puristic, right?

Roswitha Broszath: That does not apply to Lagerfeld, but he's a bit off the mark. Otherwise already. For example, Bauhaus is also a virgin style, a combination of clarity, beauty and functionality.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What do virgins have for hobbies?

Roswitha Broszath: You like everything where beauty and precision are in demand. They are good at art and goldsmith work, also in stained glass. Writing is also a virgin quality.

Yoga is clearly associated with Virgo, including Hara, who works from the inner center out. It is about putting his focus back into the depth of the abdomen.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: Is that the health weakness of the virgins?

Roswitha Broszath: Yes, that can go from digestive irregularities to diverticula to chronic bowel disease. The intestine is a very important organ. Among other things, it produces serotonin, an important substance to prevent depression. The abdominal organ field has its own brain, the belly brain, which is why what comes from the stomach is often extremely meaningful.

In virgins, the colonization in the intestine is often not in order, which has to do with the many intolerances: cow's milk protein, white sugar, preservatives, wheat, home poisons, paints, wood preservatives - on all of which they often react allergic. They therefore pay special attention to living in a clean environment.

Virgins are also prone to pancreatic disease and rheumatic complaints. Almost all of their complaints can be alleviated by a consistent diet. It is also important for virgins to let off a bit of their perfectionism. Perfectionism is not a healthy attitude. It leads to vascular strain, rheumatic complaints and tensions in the abdomen.

ChroniquesDuVasteMonde.com: What is the Virgo's relationship with the money?

Roswitha Broszath: She will keep her money just as she handles other resources responsibly. For food, she is willing to spend more money because her quality is just important. In general, a maiden likes to spend her money on a good cause - and that good cause can sometimes be an expensive one, because the maiden knows it's a worthwhile expense as well. Consciously spending money is a maiden motto, as is the concept of consciousness, which also belongs to the virgin.
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