• January 15, 2021

You never want to part with it again: 9 creative room divider ideas

In large rooms, room dividers help to structure the space and create order. In a small room, however, he separates different areas from each other. Depending on your needs, a room divider fulfills different purposes, we show you great room divider ideas for every situation.

Consider the following aspects in advance:

  • In which room should the room divider stand?
  • Which purpose should he fulfill there: create storage space, look decorative, separate living areas, etc.?
  • Should the room divider long-term stay?

In general, you should make sure that the room divider fits into the overall picture of the room? unless you want a break in style! And especially in small rooms, it makes sense to resort to translucent room divider ideas.

Room divider ideas: shelves

Shelves serve three purposes: they share a space, provide valuable storage space and create a nice atmosphere in a well-placed position. For shelves as a room divider you should choose those that have no back wall to Let light through, Otherwise, the room can quickly become dark and narrow. gradually shelves act playful and loosen up the sense of space.

Room divider Ideas: Screen

A bulky shelf can seem overloaded in a small room, but a screen is ideal for smaller rooms. A plain color brings peace to the room, but also a screen with pattern or motif print has its own charm. Room divider made of wood, such. B. bamboo, are not only trendy, but provide a friendly atmosphere.

Room divider ideas: Chests of drawers

Even chests of drawers or sideboards are like the shelves good room divider and at the same time good storage space! In a small apartment, you can define your bed with a beautiful chest of drawers and create your own small bedroom.

Room divider Ideas: Curtains / Curtains

If chests of drawers, shelves or other furniture are too heavy for you, curtains or curtains are the right choice. They separate the room visually, without being too heavy, And who wants chooses opaque curtains!

Room divider ideas: plants

If you like the urban jungle trend, you will love this room divider! Big plants are really excellent room dividers. Instead of a wall you have a translucent solution that also promotes your air and is super cozy with decorative pots. Or you build a wall of ropes in which you hang vine plants.

Room divider ideas: Rigipswand

Maybe not an option for a rented apartment, but as a partition is also a retracted plasterboard wall. A viewing window would be an option to not let the new room become too dark.

Room divider ideas: fireplace

In a large living room, a fireplace shares two different living areas at the same time, without disturbing the sense of space. On the contrary, a fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere.

Room divider ideas: Sliding doors

Sliding doors are initially expensive to install. But in the long run, for example, they make sense in the hallway, because they not only divide it, but also Keep drafts away, Also in open kitchens with dining areas an option to separate the areas from each other? and to contain the cooking vapors.

Room divider ideas: Fruit boxes

In contrast, a room divider made of fruit crates or old wine crates is made quick. If you wish you can paint them in a suitable color before.

With these tips, it will be even nicer in your home: set up a small room, decorate window sills and wall decoration in the living room.

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