• July 14, 2020

Tragic: Baby died of overdose of milk

Can you give too much milk to a baby? Apparently yes, as a terrible case in Maryland (USA) showed.

For a few hours, a 68-year-old nanny should take care of an eight-month-old baby. The parents have set up a surveillance camera in the apartment? not uncommon in the United States.

On the video you can see how the baby slides in a carriage to the sofa on which the nanny takes a nap. The baby cries and pats her leg, she wakes up, reaches for a full milk bottle and tries to feed the child. However, that does not work.

240 ml of milk in 30 seconds

So she takes the baby on her arm, pulls off the bottle of the teat and the lid and puts the open bottle to the baby's mouth. When the bottle is empty, the second bottle follows.

Within half a minute, the nanny gave the baby about 240 ml of milk in this way? until the baby stopped responding. The nanny panicked and called the child's father. He hurried home and saw his child's milk flowing from his mouth and nose. He tried to suck the liquid, but unsuccessful. Doctors later found milk also in the lungs of the infant.

The father called the police, the officials questioned the Nanny, if she had taken off the lid of the bottle. She denied it. Only when the father brought out the video evidence, she confessed her wrongdoing.

"I did what was necessary"

The case occurred in October 2016. He is now being tried in court. The nanny insisted she did not harm the baby, instead she just wanted to make sure she was not starving. "I did what was needed to make sure it had something in my stomach," she says Washington Post cited.

The nanny was charged with murder. How the process ends for them will be decided in another session in early May.

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