Tom Holland: That's why he was not allowed to see the "Avengers" script

Tom Holland (22, "Spider-Man: Homecoming") is terribly bad at keeping secrets to himself. So bad that the director of the "Avengers" movie series does not even trust his star with the script, as revealed by Joe Russo (47, "The Return Of The First Avenger") at the "Endgame Indian Anthem Launch".

Asked by a viewer, Russo confirmed: "Tom Holland does not get the script, Tom Holland gets his lines and that's it." Sometimes Holland did not even know who he was in the scene, Russo continued: "We express ourselves very vaguely when we explain what happens in the scene, because he finds it extremely difficult to keep his mouth shut ", quotes him the page" Cinemablend ".

The mistrust had intruded Holland with several actions in which he had blabbed, such as the title of "Spider-Man" Seq. And when he wanted to joke a joke on stage at a demo of the previous film "Infinity War", he spoiled the entire hall. "I was told that everyone had already seen the film," said Holland at the "Comicpalooza" in 2018: "They gave me a microphone and I went on stage and said 'Do not worry, I'm still alive!' the whole movie told the end of the film, even before it had even begun.

Since then, the job of the Marvel star has become a lot more difficult, as Holland said last January at the "ACE Comic Con Phoenix" in early 2018: "I remember the Russo brothers telling me on 'Avengers':' You're standing just here and fight the guy 'and I said' Okay, against who am I fighting? ' and they said, 'Well, we can not tell you that, because it's a secret.' I asked 'And what does he look like?' and she 'We can not tell you either because it would reveal the secret.' And I asked: 'And how tall is he?' - 'Well, we can not tell you that because it would reveal the secret.' So I stood there and fumbled for 15 minutes so I had not imagined that when I took the job, but by now I've gotten used to it. "

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