These foods split humanity!

There you sit nicely in the restaurant, conversing and suddenly the counterpart pots some of his food. Mushrooms, capers, tomatoes, onions? Food aversions have many forms. Some people realize, however, that they split humanity in half.


Some love the taste of the sea, others find it repugnant. Especially in combination with the consistency of the oyster. Slurping is certainly not for everyone. Not to forget that they should still live while eating. They are killed by the stomach acid.


Weinberg snails in garlic sauce? can there be anything better? For sure. The surface texture of the snails and the sometimes very tough consistency is in any case ... unusual. It gets really bad when you bite on a live snail in lamb's lettuce. Slime olé.

Frog legs

"Today, the chicken tastes particularly delicious." Yeah, that's frog legs, too. These small delicate little legs were once considered a French delicacy. Today, they are cheap at the All You Can Eat buffet to get to various restaurants. Especially it looks funny when they are still hanging on the frog body. Well, after all, the frog can be kissed so easily ... but if then a prince is out of it?

Goose / duck foie gras and horsemeat

Take a goose or duck and feed it for several months. This gives the animals a fatty liver. Animal rights activists and now on the roof? in Germany or the EU, the procedure has been banned for years? because the animals have to suffer great pain. Sounds pretty disgusting too. If the meat with 44 percent fat at the thought of corking still tastes, describes the product as "incomparably tender".
After the horsemeat scandal in 2013, the ghosts are also different. Some condemn the consumption of horses, others find it ethically hardly any different than beef or pork and? In China, they also eat dogs? ? difficult question.

Caraway, coriander and ginger

Let's get away from the moral issues and back to taste. Caraway is one of those spices that some people love and others hate. Much is used in oriental foods, which are generally very spicy. In addition, there are caraway rolls, like with Mett, onions and extra cumin. For one the heaven, for another hell.
Some cumin is difficult to chew out of the food, but you can often see fresh coriander on the plate. Many order their dish directly without coriander. He tastes too much of soap. Others find it refreshing. It is really wonderful, if someone does not like ginger or finds it too spicy. The latter can be very complex, since here the range of sensation varies extremely.

Eat your greens: kale, matcha, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts and wheatgrass

"That tastes like grass? It is often called green vegetables and superfoods. It even applies to wheatgrass. Matcha is fashionable for some and makes vital. By the way, you have to drink a lot of matcha to get a noticeable health benefit. Let's stay with the local vegetables. On Brussels sprouts, many people have childhood memories. Some enjoyed it early on and have always liked to plaster it, others detest Brussels sprouts, e.g. because they did not like him as a child, but always had to eat the number of Rösschen, which corresponded to their age.

What a sweet tooth

All sweeties, right? Maybe not all and in no case all love the same sweet things. Marzipan is something that does not appeal to everyone. Particularly polarizing are e.g. also Jaffa Cakes with their orange jelly mass, the soft ground and the chocolate coating or chocolate bananas. The good thing is that somebody is always in the mood for what others do not like. But beware, there are particularly popular treats and who takes the last piece, quickly becomes the hate object of the round. If the desire for something sweet, however, becomes unruly, the otherwise not so coveted sins are eaten.

And the moral of the G'schicht

With many foods, you can properly drown in his fellow human beings. Therefore, it is always good to have noodles with gravy in store when guests come. Achso, pureed, because not everyone likes tomato pieces. And please spelled whole wheat pasta, for the vegans. Best also a bag of gluten-free pasta. Just in case ...


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