The Voice Kids: That's why Lena gets along so well with Mark Forster

After a break, Lena Meyer-Landrut (27, "Thank You") returns to the new season of "The Voice Kids" (SAT.1) on February 17 at 8:15 pm as a coach. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Lena talks about her return, her work with the children and her colleagues.

You were not on board for two seasons now as a coach. Why did you come back now?

Lena: When the request came, I promised directly. I am so happy to be back. I already spent a lot of time with the children during the recordings. There are incredibly strong talents and teams involved.

Why do you enjoy working with children?

Lena: Spending time with children and developing songs, melodies and harmonies with them is the beauty of #TVK for me. Of course, it's great fun to see the performances and the development, but the really great thing is to be with the kids and to go there together. The kids are still kids, just super sweet and mostly totally euphoric. The teens are then really pubescent 14- to 15-year-olds, who of course have a very exciting time here.

So far, you have not worked with Stefanie Kloß (34) and The BossHoss on "The Voice Kids". What is the cooperation with the three?

Lena: Stefanie and I understand each other really well in private. We have a great relationship and because she is a positive and great adversary, it's a lot of fun to work with her. Of course we fight a fight of the coaches anyway, but it is nice if you have an opponent with whom you can also work constructively. The important thing is that we say, "Hey, we all get along well and have a good time."

We are really lucky that we all know each other from "Sing my Song" and that we all understand each other well. When the show is over, we sometimes sit together for a drink and let everything pass by. That's really beautiful.

The BossHosse are just banger types, a bit crazy and that's great fun. They always boots in their cowboy outfits, but they are also a bit hard shell, soft core. Alec and Sasha both have children, they know how to deal with them and they are very loving.

For several years, Mark Forster (35) from the "The Voice" universe has become indispensable. What is special about him?

Lena: It's a lot of fun to chew on Mark a bit and, tell me, to be able to tick friendly. He is a great guy, we get along very well. He has the wardrobe next to me and sometimes there are small knocking signs. He is rightly Everybody's Darling, a kind-hearted person, honest and authentic - in front of and behind the camera and I really appreciate him.

Will you also soon be able to admire the great "The Voice of Germany"?

Lena: Now comes "The Voice Kids", which makes me very happy, but of course, why not?

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