Rape allegations against Nick Carter: Now it's getting serious for the singer

Actually, the matter was already off the table, but the prosecutor of Los Angeles does not let up yet: Nick Carter (38) is now advised only the authorities. What happened? Melissa Schuman, 33, ex-singer of Girlband Dream, filed a complaint against Carter at the beginning of the year. The allegation: The member of the Backstreet Boys raped her in 2002. Due to the fact that the authorities have done nothing for more than half a year, rumors have started that the matter is already over.

Serious allegations against Nick Carter

But far from it: As reported by the US portal "TMZ", citing official judiciary, the case landed only last week in the right authority, about seven months after the actual ad. Schuman also wrote in a longer blog post about the alleged incidents. According to Carter's office, consensual tenderness first came to the fore, but later in the bathroom he became overbearing. There he forced her to oral sex. Then he is said to have thrown her on his bed and raped her.

She would have repeatedly asked him that she did not want that, but Carter had continued his actions against her will. The singer denied the action immediately. He was shocked and saddened by the allegations. A statement by his management said that Melissa had never told him that their actions were unanimous. It contradicts his character to harm someone.

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Nick Carter Denies Rape Accusations From Former Pop Singer Melissa Schuman | Access Hollywood (July 2020).

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