Nice with chocolate

Chocolate for breakfast without calories? Nothing easier than that. Why not use the sweets as a beautician for a change and relax with a wonderfully fragrant chocolate bath?

Sweet temptation with a nourishing effect

Because in addition to its sweet aroma and unique taste, the nourishing substances of cocoa bean can bring about true beauty wonders: vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc penetrate deeply into the skin, moisturise and smooth it. More and more cosmetics manufacturers are therefore taking a second look at the brown beans.

Even brittle hair can shine through the chocolate kick in new splendor. Incidentally, the nourishing effect was already known to the Mayas and Aztecs in ancient times. They made cocoa butter, ointments and cosmetics. We introduce you to a few products of different price ranges that bring out your chocolate side. Do you know more, do you have sweet darlings? Then steer your tips on the comment function. The rest is then a matter of taste.

Chocolate wellness for the bathtub


No more desire for Omis Spruce-Pine-pine bath additive? Here comes salvation: In the chocolate aroma bath with nourishing macadamia and jojoba oil, you can immerse yourself wonderfully and relax. The skin is moisturized and it smells delicious. What more do you want?

Chocolate Macadamia Aroma Bath by Claire Fisher, around 11 Euro,


And if you like chocolate deluxe, you can melt away in delicate pralines. For what looks like the work of a chocolatier, turns out to be a small spa ball wonder. And the best thing about the noble beauty truffle is, in addition to soap, they are made of genuine Lübeck marzipan. Truffle Box Thalasso by Flower Lounging for 39,00 Euro under

For brown brains

© John Frieda

All brunette heads heard: This shampoo is not only suitable for normal hair in the color shades of chocolate to espresso, it also contains the nourishing cocoa bean extract. This brings shine for brittle hair and a good feeling on the head.

Shine Release Natural Balance Shampoo by John Frieda, around 8.50 Euro,

Sweet lip service


Chocolate is not only in the mouth, but also on it.

The small boxes with the sweet lip balm called "Chocolate Whipstick" are for all sweet toothed, who like a mix of chocolate and orange.

And who can resist the silky lips, which are to bite?

Chocolate Whipstick by LUSH for 6.95 euros at

Soft velvet skin with cocoa

© The Body Shop

With so much cocoa power, dry skin has no chance. BodyShop's body butter from shea butter, cocoa butter and soybean oil has rich ingredients that make the skin soft to the touch.

Cocoa Body Butter from The Body Shop, 15 Euro,

Mask au chocolat


It does not always have to be cucumbers. A mask made of delicious milk chocolate is healthy for the skin and pampers it with sensual pleasure. And if something goes wrong or remains, no problem, the mask is also wonderful as a small dessert.

Schoko mask by Schaebens, around 1 Euro,

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