Look slim

1. Slimming Black

Black optically cheats away five pounds. Ideal: a single-breasted, slightly waisted jacket and trousers, which are slightly exposed from the knee.

2. Balance & Cover

A long shirt (left) conceals the critical points in a tight Capri pants, high-heeled sandals extend the legs.

nappa (right) nestles in a figure-friendly manner and is therefore guaranteed not to wear. The skirt length conceals plump knees, and the decorative top becomes a highlight.

3rd diversion maneuver

The longer the skirt (left), the narrower the subsection looks. The dark belt stripe directs the view upwards.

Lively patterns and a bag (Middle) dub the big bust.

A striped blouse and a dark jacket (right) are the right frame for a luscious bosom.

4. Loose connections

Ruffles and flounces casually play around the figure - that makes you slimmer than skin-fitting cuts! (left side)

A nice cleavage can be seen, if it is so cleverly wrapped. It does not necessarily have to be black: Pastel shades are also perfect here, which can be perfectly graded. (right side)

5. Light-dark contrasts

Light-dark contrasts look much softer due to light fabrics. A brown shirt under the chiffon shirt hides the bosom here.

6. Invisible helpers

Less bust: The minimizer bra (left) cheats away a few inches ("Ladyform" by Triumph).

Problems with stomach and butt? The hip slip (right) makes the front pretty flat and gently tightens the back ("Fiora" of Triumph).

A good balance: The bra raises a small breast effectively and pretends a little more fullness. The long girdle forms the stomach, butt and thighs. Both of triumph.

All around in shape: The petticoat provides a smooth transition between all curves.

How To INSTANTLY Look Slimmer! 10 Style Tricks (March 2023).

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