Kevin Spacey: Ex-masseur raises serious charges and complains

New allegations in the case of the Hollywood star Kevin Spacey (59): So now have a former masseur of the 59-year-old filed a lawsuit because he has massively harassed by Spacey and it should also have been touched immoral. The charge of deprivation of liberty should also be included. Contrary to most of the other allegations, however, the incident happened only about two years ago, according to a report by the US industry website "Deadline".

The non-named masseur was then ordered to Spaceys property in Malibu. But early in the morning, the massage session got out of hand. So Spacey had insisted to lie naked on his back. From the complaint, the site quotes: "Spacey attacked the plaintiff and coerced him by forcibly forcing him to touch his genitals." He also tried to kiss the man against his will and finally reached between his legs.

The reason for the allegation of deprivation of liberty provides the cited document as well: "During the attack plaintiff Spacey has repeatedly asked to let him go, but Spacey blocked with his naked body (...) the output." The Oscar winner is already investigating similar sex crimes in both the United States and England.

180 People File Sexual Assault Lawsuits Against Massage Envy | NBC Nightly News (July 2020).

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