Is the baby coming TODAY? Ambulance sighted in front of Meghan's and Harry's house

Did the contractions start with Meghan? Perhaps the baby of Duchess Meghan (37) and Prince Harry (34) is on the way. An ambulance is parked in front of the couple's Frogmore Cottage property in Windsor, reports the Express.

According to the newspaper, witnesses at the border of the property have seen an ambulance with a crew of three who has been keeping watch there for 24 hours. A helicopter should also have been spotted over the property.

Royal expert Chris Ship told ITV this morning that today's Friday is an important day. "We know that the baby is to be born today, the due date is actually today," he said.

Is it a home birth?

Meghan and Harry want to keep the birth of their child as private as possible. Therefore, there is no official information about where Meghan will give birth to her child. Royal experts assume that the Duchess wishes to have a home birth.

Supposedly Prince wants to be at the side of his wife during the birth. In a home birth at Frogmore Cottage, the Royal couple could enjoy the first moments with baby in private.

In any case, Meghan will be looked after by a large team of medical professionals. In an emergency, the helicopter could quickly take you to a hospital. British bookmakers suspect that the Mulberry Center, the birthday center of Frimley Park Hospital, could be an option. Another option is Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

First baby photo on Instagram?

A photo of Meghan and Harry with a baby in front of the hospital, as we know it from Duchess Catherine and Prince William, but there should be no way. Instead, the British press writes, Harry and Meghan are planning a photocall at the Windsor estate a few days after birth. It is also possible to announce Baby News on the new Instagram account of the duo pair of Sussex, which was put online on April 4 and already has more than five million followers.

Meghan and Harry proclaimed, "The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone as soon as they have the opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family."

Is it a false alarm or a distraction maneuver?

Whether the sighted ambulance is actually intended for the Duchess Meghan, is still unclear. "Telegraph" editor and Royal expert Camilla Tominey believes that the ambulance has nothing to do with the Royal Baby. She writes on Twitter: "The ambulance spotted near Frogmore Cottage is a driving school car that picks up food for students during a test drive, according to the South Central Ambulance Service take ".

NB Ambulance spotted near Frogmore Cottage yesterday is a driver training vehicle to pick up food for students while out and about every day, according to South Central Ambulance Service. Keep calm tweeps. It could be another days yet #royalbaby #BabySussex #ticktock

? Camilla Tominey (@CamillaTominey) April 26, 2019

Once there is confirmed information, we will report.

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