In the "Grimsel Hospice" with the seven dwarfs

Up here, the earth is resting: powerful rocks bathe in milky-green lakes. A few lichens dab the stone in the same green, clouds paint the appropriate spots on the water. Once in the deserted place between the mountains, that would be nice ...

Almost as beautiful it is to slip into the venerable "Grimsel Hospice" and to enjoy the view from inside. Surrounded by the magical landscape, this historic Alpine hotel sits on a rocky spur in Grimselsee. At 2000 meters above sea level, below the Grimsel Pass in the Bernese Alps, it defies the harsh climate with its thick walls, warmth and comfort. Wood, cushions and linen make a nest out of the house. A fire patters in the chimneys - although the Grande Dame of the Alpine hostels once made a name for itself as the first electrically heated hotel in Europe.

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Info: The "Grimsel Hospiz" - "Hospice" has nothing to do with the care of the dead - ends this year's summer season on 19 October 2014. The winter season starts on 27 December. Double room depending on size from 280 Euro incl. Breakfast and four-course-menu in the evening (Grimsel Hospiz - Historic Alpine Hotel, 3864 Guttannen, Switzerland, Tel. 0041/33 982 46 11,

Rep Jeanne Ives (R): Lessons Learned as a State Representative (June 2021).

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