If you like to be alone, you are especially intelligent!

People are social creatures. Or?

As you know, people are social beings. Therefore, it is generally assumed that we like to be with other people and enjoy being connected to others.

But that does not apply to all people, as evolutionary psychologist Norman P. Li of Singapore Management University and his colleague Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics have found in a joint study.

Spend time with friends? Does not make intelligent people happy

Her amazing realization: The more intelligent a person is, the better he is when he can be alone. And he is all the more unhappy when spending time with friends. While most people feel better and more secure when they have friends, family and many acquaintances, intelligent people are an exception to the rule.

The study, which surveyed 15,000 young adults on their satisfaction with life, even concluded that making clever people really unhappy is spending time with friends.

What drives the loners?

The two scientists explain the phenomenon they describe with evolution: because smart people are more at ease adapting to changes in their environment, they do not need the protection their fellow human beings have to offer. In other words, they are not so much dependent on the community and their support, but rather able to cope alone than others, less intelligent people.

Her second thesis is that since smart people are more ambitious, they need and want more time to work on their goals in peace.

Are Intelligent People More Lonely? (March 2023).

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