I want the hairstyle of Madonna

Madonna in the video "Like a Prayer" 1989

A scandal video of his time: In the video "Like a Prayer" Madonna dances on a field of burning crosses. At that time people were outraged by these "blasphemous scenes". Even her look was surprising at that time: Madonna with dark brown curls. Pretty easy to style with a tool that in the eighties was home to almost everyone in her bathroom: Papilloten. These ? mostly bright red? small foam stems, on which one could turn on individual strands of hair and on which one could even sleep (relatively) comfortably. Pull center part and turn, turn, turn. If you do not have time for the night, you can blow dry, but then have to cool down. When the hair is dry (and cold), gently pull it out and style it with your fingers.

Madonna in the video "Rain" 1993

With a blue-and-black short hairstyle, Madonna appeared in Mark Romanek's video for Rain, which won several awards. A styling that makes Madonna look unusually vulnerable and gentle. The cut, however, requires courage. Rasp short with slightly longer sideburns. The covering hairs are plucked in the forehead, just like the sideburns. And even the blue-black can not wear any. If you can, you can be sure that you do not wear any hairstyle.

Madonna in the video "Frozen" 1998

Actually we only know Madonna in blond. But she always liked to change her look for her videos. Like this gig in "Frozen" as a Lily Munster lookalike. Black dyed long hair make it look pale, which every imitator of this look has to be aware of. Still, maybe the right look for Halloween. And this is how it works: Make a center parting and straighten the hair with a straightening iron. For the bun at the back of the head tie together only a few strands of the lateral covering hair at the back. Then pin an artificial hair piece with clip. Turn the artificial braid to the bun, pinning the ends. Then pull out a few thin stalks from the bun and braid into small braids. Put it so loosely under the bun that these braids form a visible loop.

Madonna in the video "Music" 2000

The absolute invention of the millennium. Madonna in a blond curly look, which she has been wearing in variants ever since. "Music" also triggered the big cowboy fever and founded the big comeback of Western fashion. Trendsetter Madonna has chosen a cowboy hat compatible hairstyle: uncomplicated curls in honey blond. The mane "overgrown" thanks to curlers or perm? Almost every hair type gets it.

Madonna in the video "Material Girl" 1985

Madonna's most glamorous look of the eighties: as "Material Girl", adorned with jewelery, in pink satin dress, white fur stole and handsome male admirers. Matching the look, Madonna wears her shoulder-length hair in elegant waves. That's how it's done: Important is the voluminous approach of the hairstyle. It's best to work your way up from the bottom up, first add mousse to your towel-dried hair and style with the aid of a large curling tongs. Keep the brush vertical, do not wind it all the way to the hairline. Then fix the glamor waves with a lot of shine spray and style them out of the face.

Madonna in the video "La Isla Bonita" 1987

Madonna first brunette instead of blonde. In 1987 she played a flamenco dancer in the video clip for her song "La Isla Bonita". A styling that is easy to copy: Comb the least chin-long and towel-dried hair with plenty of mousse. Tie back to one side so that no apex is formed. At the back of the head, hit a topknot inside who likes it, pinning it with a traditional hair comb (Peinetas). At the hairline pull out a shorter strand and turn into a curl.

Madonna in the video "Hung Up" 2005

Hui! The leotard and the eighties are back. Madonna in fitness madness. Hairstyle technically inspired by the comeback of the Disco era shows Madonna courage to the outside. Prerequisite: graded long hair with over-long side pony. The strands around the face first with the curling tongs miss an external swing (start above), let cool. Finally, comb over the round brush again and fix with little hairspray. Survive even the wildest gym hours.

Madonna in the video "Celebration" 2009

Madonna's latest look. The light blonde Bob with a slightly shorter side also pleases Jesus and has a lot of momentum for a 51-year-old. Best of all: He is easy to imitate. Draw a deep side vertex and start from the bottom to blow-dry the individual strands over a large round brush.Blow the shorter side part slightly outwards and leave the brush in the hair until the hair has cooled down.

Madonna Makeup Transformation (March 2021).

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