Hidden beauty

Love lips, breasts, hands - on the next pages you have to be brave. Because even if we adore and always beguile and caress: Sometimes even megastars like you have to clear the stage. For a troupe of barely noticed niche artists, who are much more modest than you, but at least equally adept at us. Maybe because they are so rare? Think about it ...

The ears: work of art for bumping

"Glorious and necessary limbs" are the earcups, cheered in the 17th century, the authors of the "Newen Artzney book" - and were quite alone with their enthusiasm. Because what is hidden on both sides of our heads under the hair, remained silent in all cultures persistently. What failure! Are the ears but the flesh proof of the fact that the otherwise sober design principle "form follows function" (the form follows the function) can certainly bring about baroque beauty: artfully wound horns, shaped differently from person to person.

Especially pretty: the earlobe. Soft as velvet and more sensitive than almost any other part of the body, it begs for tender nibbling and rubbing - and yet has been maltreated for millennia with rings and plugs. Or should one say better: spruced up and put in the right light? The conflict between Ohrschmuck proponents and opponents rages almost from the earliest needlepoint.

Luckily you can easily change the bearings now. Earholes are easy to remove from the doctor. The application of protruding ears is more complex. The surgery, which is often done with children, takes almost an hour, then the ears take up to three weeks to recover. One then loses his ears - but also a body feature that has always been a symbol of luck and wealth in Eastern cultures.

Perhaps that's because the acupuncturized Asian has always been aware of how important pinnae are to general wellbeing. So it's no surprise that the world's first ear-laundromat opened in Tokyo in 2006: Ten minutes of cleansing, acupuncture and massage costs 14 euros. A fair price for the most beautiful shells on this side of the sea!

Spoil: Apply mint oil or gel (eg "Peace of Mind Onthe Spot Relief Fit- maker Aromagel" by Origins) to the index and middle fingers, massage with circular movements behind the earlobe. Cleaning: never penetrate into the ear canal with ear buds, otherwise inflammation may occur.

Garnish: only use nickel-free connectors

The neck: Mimosa with claim

Who wants to sing an ode to the neck, should spend a while with the Paduang, a people in the border area between Burma and Thailand. After all, since time immemorial women have put considerable effort into stretching and strengthening their cervical muscles with a metal corset as much as possible. The longer the result, the more attractive the woman.

Even with Chinese geishas, ​​the freezed neck has been erotic symbolic power for centuries. Why only, as the turtleneck-wearing European woman wonders, is there such a committed way of packing around the obviously attractive part of the body? Because the neck is a terrible mimosa. Only a few regions are as vulnerable as he: a few minutes of train and cold - we are already sore throat or neck pain.

Not to mention the signs of the times: In contrast to the face has the skin on the neck hardly subcutaneous and fatty tissue, it is very thin and delicate, but is stressed by constant turning and stretching. Because hardly anyone below the chin regularly creams and massages, here the first dryness wrinkles often appear before you ever thought to approach an anti-aging cream. That does not have to be. If you clean and care for your neck as carefully as your face will look young for a similar length of time. An upright body and head posture also significantly reduces the crumple factor.

Care for: "Biofirm Lift Serum" by Biotherm, "Rénergie Morpholift Cou" by Lancôme, "Capture Sculpt 10 Emulsion Gel Minceur Focus Menton-Cou" by Dior.

Massage: with the hands or a massage roller (eg "UltraLift Pro-X firming anti-wrinkle care massage" by Garnier) from bottom to top

Shoulders and armpits: spoiling instead of burdening

The burden that they have to bear is proverbial - and scientifically measurable for three years. A biomechanician from the Berlin Charité had first implanted a human shoulder joint with built-in load sensor in May 2005, the results were shocking: When turning a car steering wheel tug of up to 130 kilograms on the joint! Even those who only just comb their hair weighs their shoulders seven times as heavily as when dragging a full crate!

We will not be able to relieve them of this burden, but that should not stop us from paying special attention to our shoulders from time to time. Massages and fango packs relax the muscles, peelings ensure that the skin is well supplied with blood and that no impurities and pimples can form. So even the hard-checked shoulders in the airy dress dress a graceful figure.

Because such an outfit also helps the otherwise hidden armpits to make a special appearance, one can free the view of the delicate, barely noticed skin there by shaving or a depilatory cream. Deodorants provide a feeling of freshness instead of sweaty muffle, the latest grooming even shaved skin or adapt to the respective body temperature.

Spoil: z. "The Way of The Bath Matcha Tea Scrub" by Dr. Ing. Andrew Weil for Origins, "Fango Delicato" by Borghese (body wrap).

enthaaren: z. B. "Venus Breeze" by Gillette (wet shaver with integrated shaving gel), "Intuition Plus" by Wilkinson Sword (razor blade with integrated soap), "hair removal cream" by Veet.

Freshen up: z. Nivea's "Spray Pearl & Beauty" (Deodorant-effect Deodorant), Rexona's "Women's Biorythm Roll-on" (micro-capsules release additional active ingredients when perspiring), "Deodorant-Roll-On" by Vichy (very deodorant or deodorant care) epilated skin)

The butt: splendor under the sweater

The current tunic trend in all honor: With butt fetishists can not win with such formnegierenden covers of course no flower pot. What a rosy time, however, prevailed at the end of the 19th century: Since the ladies of society with bolsters deceived huge buttocks before, up to 25 centimeters, the construct called "cul de Paris" from the tight laced waist have stale. And the success of Jennifer Lopez or Barbara Schöneberger proves even today: Something more is in this part of the body, for once, not a mistake. Lopez even insured her curves for three million dollars - per cheek!

Nevertheless, few women have a friendly relationship with their butt. Too fat, too flat, too wide, too slack - the list of deficiencies is long. Schlabberpullis or operations should then conceal or perfect our backside. Thereby, surveys have revealed, there are enthusiastic lovers for every form, from the apple to the pear. For this purpose, the object of desire must, of course, be visible from time to time, and not constantly hidden under the webs of cloth, and, more importantly, found by ourselves to be good.

As an exercise program for the friendly handling of your own backside recommend changing showers, scrubs and the good old butt gymnastics. It also has the pleasant side effect of seductively arching even the flattest forms.

Spoil: z. "Body Spa Loofah Jojoba Body Scrub" by Lavera, "Body Activ Drainage" by Lierac.

Work out: Stand on right leg, bend knees slightly, extend arms sideways at shoulder level. Bend upper body forward, stretch left leg back to upper body height. Raise and lower 8 times. Then change sides (more exercises: ChroniquesDuVasteMonde core training, CD for 15.95 euros in the ChroniquesDuVasteMonde shop or in the trade)

The knees: delicate, but sexy

Coco Chanel narrates the evil phrase: "The ugliest part of a woman's body are the knees." Interestingly enough, the skirt of the legendary Chanel costume still floats just a hand's breadth above it. Quite so unaesthetically, even the strict fashion designer can not feel the knee.

Nonetheless, this part of our body does not necessarily follow conventional beauty notions: like a retrofitted hinge, the knee is halfway between the foot and hip. If the man is too lean, the bursae of the joint are distinguished as unsightly bulges under the skin, he is too thick, love handles are wide. In the normal state, however, the knee is quite a symbol of subtle eroticism. Finally, it can be established by knee contact at the most inconspicuous physical proximity. And just because we show them comparatively rarely, our knees symbolize intimacy and familiarity.

If you want to treat yourself to a spa treatment in time for the exhausting mini-dress season, you will be delighted with your peelings, masks and creams. There is nothing left to complain even about what then flashes up under our skirts, even to Madame Chanel.

Spoil: z. Nivea's "Creamy Shower Scrub", "Ginger Body Scrub" by Origins, "Tender & Well-Maintained Intensive Care Leg Mask" by Allgäuer Latschen Kiefer, "Superknee" by Method Jeanne Piaubert

Feet: take care instead of hiding

As rare as we show them in everyday life, so many myths entwine around our feet. Especially in nineteenth-century China, women's feet were the epitome of beauty and eroticism. However, only after they had been brutally constricted from childhood on and crippled to about ten inches short "golden lotuses".

Today, the feet lead a much liberated life - despite highheel and sneaker fashion. What amazing accomplishment can be achieved with them is shown by people like the German dressage rider Bettina Eistel. Born Thalidomeless without any arms, she won numerous medals simply by tapping her horse with her toes.

But also normally trained feet have amazing skills, after all, they carry us through life day after day, help determine whether the lake already has the right water temperature, and despite occasional blisters and injuries are very robust - and often very pretty! - Drive tools.

As a reward, they can sometimes be liberated from the darkness of socks and shoes and pampered: with baths, fragrant creams and masks, with reflexology massages or a professional pedicure. Bet that after that they are so tender and rosy that we do not want to pack them away again?

Spoil: "Fresh Feet Deo Bath" by Sixtus, "Eubos Dry Skin 10% Urea Foot Cream", "Eucerin Foot Repair Cream 10% Urea", La Roche-Posay's "Lipikar Podologics Refatting Foot Care Concentrate", Scholl's "Ointment" by Scholl , "Corneal Reducing Cream" (currently in the action package: + "Feet of Pampering Balm" for free) by Dr. med. Theiss, "foot powder" by Gehwol

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