• August 13, 2020

Girls evening: Barbara and Sarah Connor talk about the first time

The two girlfriends betray their secrets in a joint interview about sex, frenzy and Michael Jackson.


Sarah Connor: I did, but then I rang her up right after the holidays.

My grandma would have said: child, you can not do anything with it.

All practice.

So, now to the topic: We are not here for fun.


Alright: too. So, life is full of debut. Which premiere from the earliest childhood do you remember especially?

I broke into the ice during the winter. In the frozen pool of my grandmother.

Great God!

I still remember the ice cover over me and see the hands reaching for me. But it went well. I remember that everyone first expressed me and then scolded me.

I was in a swimming club when I was about six years old. At my first competition I was on the starting block, the whistle came, I jumped and immediately lost my swimming cap. After that I dived for the first time. One was not allowed to swim without a swimming cap. I did not find her until the end. Grandiose performance. This was my first and last swimming competition.

You poor. With six ...

Tell me, do you remember your very first appearance?

Well, so to speak. My father once took me as a child to a concert in Hamburg. And I stood directly in front of the bus, turned to the audience, danced around, bowed and thought, they mean me when they clap.

Clear case: you wanted to come to the Buhne! I actually wanted to originally
to work in an office.


Well, did not last long, this greed for normality. Although my passions were rather normal for a long time. I swore as a teen, for example, for Atreju from the? Neverending Story ?.

And me for Michael Jackson.

I even wanted to marry the actor of Atreju, wrote him to Los Angeles, and so on. He never answered. He should have done it. I would have been a supporter. His career was soon over. He evaporated, as it were, borderless. And how was it with you and Michael?

I was totally crazy about him. My poster of him was like a shrine to me.

Did you ever meet him?

Yes, I even stood with him on a bus.

No! Erza? Hl!

That was on his? History WorldTour ?. I was 16. There were several young female singers looking for an appearance in Bremen, who at the end together with him the "Earth Song"? should sing. I was one of them.

And? Tell me everything.

Two days later, I stood with him in the Weser Stadium on the Buhnen for rehearsals. But you did not get really close to him.

What? That was the chance of your life ...

I understood that at some point. And in a break, I dared then, just ran into his wardrobe, jumped him and hugged. After that I did not wash myself for five days.

Did you say something to him?

Yes:? I love you.?

Whoa, he'd never heard that before.

I know ? not very original.

And what did he say?

?I love you too.?

There you are. Did you also fight for normal guys?

Sure, of course. I liked a few guys from the upper school.

Me too. I have dredged up one massive. He later became gay. I believe I drove him into homosexuality with my aggressive advertising. When did you have your first boyfriend?

He was 14. He was a very cool guy. A great breakdancer.

And what was going on there?

With him I had my first kiss. With everything included!

Ba? H? I never did that.


Nah, so Hahandchen hold and rumknutschen was never my thing. I got in late, but then right. And what was your first time?

I thought, What? And why are they doing all this hype now? And I believed that everyone is watching me now.

Me too.

Yes, one was now an initiate. But actually, I always found it better. The cuddle afterwards. Well, there was the sex. Kind. And I thought: Okay, now you always have to do that. But I was in love. Being together was the really important thing.

I did not fall on my head the first time either. But it was an awesome and beautiful entry into the business.

I was also very curious how my first time with another would be.

As a woman, you can have hundreds of first-time males in bed.


Well, theoretically, right? Today, of course, I am solidly, happily married and mother. Also a great premiere. I found the right man when I wanted to be a mother too. It was fun, but it was good.

I was only 23 when I got my first child. But that totally grounded me. Everything immediately felt completely natural.

Which debut did you really love?

Recently, I saw orcas in the wild for the first time in Canada. That touched me tremendously. An almost magical moment. Almost as beautiful as Michael Jackson.

But you did not hug her, I hope.

But almost.

I can also call a magical moment.I recently started doing sports again. With a trainer. She filmed me: A fat, old woman tramps disoriented and bumping through the room.

But you stayed still?

Yes, it was an initiation ritual. Sometimes they hurt!

Like the first complete rush.

I never did. I did not even smoke.

Man, you were good. If you were my girlfriend then ...

Brav, I would not say so. I just did not drink.

I did not drink too. My first and only last intoxication was with 17 of too much red wine. At some point I crawled over the floor and spit up my apartment. My friend then disposed of it with the vacuum cleaner.

Typical man. Simply vacuum away with a machine.

And then he put the vacuum cleaner in the closet.

Okay, I'll close it now: I also broke into a hotel after a party. Right in my suitcase. There I was 34.

What did you do with the suitcase?

Zipper to and from home. But Sarah, we have to finally become really appetizing: Who are you secretly swearing for today?

Hmmm ...

Andreas Bourani?

Haha! Is that your secret swindler? Do you feel me for a cougar? That's what mountain loosers are known for, who devour everything and are extremely dangerous.

Cougar still sounds better as a "training ship". That's what you called experienced women, the younger men ... Oh, let's leave that. Sarah, thank you for this conversation. A great premiere.

I found too. But? Training ship ?, you my Gu? Te ...

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