Fünflinge in Mama's belly: pictures full of grace and strength

Quintuplets. Five. Children. In this belly. And mother Kim still looks totally relaxed and elegant in the pictures: almost like an ancient fertility goddess.

We do not know how exhausting this photo session really was, but photographer Erin Elizabeth has managed to make a Fives-Pregnancy look as relaxing as if it were like a little walk by the sea.

On her Facebook page she writes how the pictures were taken:

Fotoshow: All pictures of the Fünflings-Mama at a glance

The Fünflings-Mama: All pictures at a glance

"Properly read: FIVE!"

"This absolutely gorgeous woman (or should I say goddess?) Does not expect one, but FIVE babies. Yes, you read that right ... FIVE!

They already had two wonderful daughters (two and four years old), but Kim and her husband decided to try again (and maybe get a boy). So you can imagine the shock when they realized they were actually expecting a boy - along with four other girls. A pregnancy coincidence with a probability of 1:60 000 000.

Kim also has a Facebook page about her pregnancy, where you can learn more about her story. My favorite quote from her is this:

"I already love them all"

'After my first ultrasound scan, I was told that maybe I should choose the two babies who would have the best chance of survival ... I watched a video on Youtube about a surgery and had to cry, something I could never do do! Was it selfish of me to deny two of them the 100% chance of survival? All I know is that I already love them and feel closer to them with every heartbeat I hear. '

Kim has delivered all her babies to the third trimester, and five healthy babies are now expected anytime.

These photos were taken when she was in the 24th week of pregnancy, and she could not look any better ... her strength comes in every picture. Really a true goddess. ? "

We can hardly imagine that Kim really felt as good at each day of her pregnancy as she looks in these photos - but on her Facebook page on the Fünflings pregnancy, she is generally relaxed and in a good mood. And the pictures are definitely impressive. They prove that mothers can outgrow themselves - even if they carry around five people.

Busby Family Prepares for Birth of Quints (January 2021).

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