• July 13, 2020

Does Pastelage solve the staining trend Balayage?

As kissed by the sun: Soft, natural and flowing strands characterize the popular suspension technology Balayage. Already in the last years, the trend has gone - instead of putting a thick strip of film a mixture of thin blond and brown strands freehand into the hair.

But this spring, the dyeing technique gets an optical upgrade! Instead of the warm, natural color reflections are now pink strands from the height of the ears set down in the hair.

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Who discovered the color trend?

L? Oréal Professionnel was the first to catch the trend. Thus, the beauty company offers in its hair salons special tones and a staining technique, which is performed by professionals. But on Instagram and Pinterest the hype about pastel baby-lights in the hair is great.

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Can I apply pastelage at home?

Sure, of course. You do not have to go to the hairdressing salon for the pastel trend. Even at home you can put pink highlights in your hair. This is easy: Special hair crumbs, sprays or shampoos can be quickly incorporated into the hair, and can be washed out within a few washes again. Perfect for the upcoming festival season! However, if you do not want to do without the fine balayage technique, we recommend keeping a pro on your hair.

Who are pink strands?

Of course, the soft pastel tones are more for experimental women. If you find it difficult to choose the right shade, the hairdressing professional will certainly help. He can exactly weigh which pink color matches the hair color and at the same time flatters the skin type.

If you already have highlights or dyed hair, you should also consult a professional. And after the color treatment the hair necessarily maintain a color. Otherwise, the tips can dry out and become dull.

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