Crime TV tips: "Tatort": Boerne and Thiel determine in the art scene

20:15, The first, crime scene: God is only human

The art world is looking at Münster, where the International Sculpture Days take place. But the clown figure in front of the town hall is a corpse. Commissioner Frank Thiel (Axel Prahl) and his colleague Nadeschda Krusenstern (Friederike Kempter) quickly find out that the dead man is a former city councilor from Münster who was recently acquitted of the charge of fornication with minors. Even before Commissioner Thiel can post a first search success, there is a second dead, again artfully presented.

20:15, ZDF, Wilsberg: 48 hours

When Overbeck (Roland Jankowsky) is asked by the criminal council to pick up his daughter after a disco visit, he does not ask twice. The attractive Juliane is celebrating the completion of her studies. Overbeck appears as agreed and wants to bring Juliane home. But it happens differently. At dawn he wakes up in the ditch in his car. The service weapon has disappeared, he can not remember anything. Has he become a victim of knockout drops? Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink) gets to the bottom of the matter.

20:15, ZDFneo, Inspector Marthaler - The bride in the snow

Winter in Frankfurt am Main: Actually, it should be a joyful day for Kriminalhauptkommissar Robert Marthaler (Matthias Koeberlin), because his girlfriend Tereza returns from abroad after a long time. In the afternoon he wants to pick her up at the airport. In the morning, however, he is called to a crime scene. A young doctor has been tortured and murdered. In the investigation, the commissioner encounters a friend of the dead. When he calls them, he is on the phone witness another murder. The killer always seems to be one step ahead ...

20:15 clock, ZDF, The Kriminalist: The innocence of the angels

In Berlin, a serial killer is up to mischief. A new victim has Criminal Commissioner Gerke (Johannes Allmayer), head of a special commission, pushing for the support of Schumann (Christian Berkel) and his team. Together, they inspect the crime scene, where the offender has left his mark again: His victim is shaved all over and holds an origami wrinkle gel in his hand. Schumann and his colleagues first investigate the shaving fetish scene.

21:45, ZDFneo, Commissioner Marthaler - score of death

An autumn evening on the Frankfurt Mainufer. Five people die on a restaurant ship. Although there are plenty of suspects, the case for Commissioner Marthaler (Matthias Koeberlin) is becoming increasingly enigmatic. The restaurant owner has disappeared without a trace, and there is no plausible motive for the monstrous act. Did the attack target one of the victims, or did the situation on the ship escalate because one of the guests drew a gun? Who was the ominous sixth person on the ship whose lipstick is discovered on a glass?

Tatort Vielleicht (March 2023).

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