• September 30, 2022

Betting, you have always cut your avocado wrong?

Avocado is considered the superfood par excellence: healthy fats, essential nutrients and good oils. Spoon out of the bowl or as a topping for a salad - avocado goes well with almost everything.

But peeling and preparing is always a small challenge.

Cross instead of lengthwise!

Most people cut avocados longitudinally and then try to core them. Unfortunately, the core is unfortunately so slippery that you fail with your bare hands. So the knife is used to help - the cause of many accidents. When poking around the core of the avocado, the knife slips off and zack? you have cut yourself.
To avoid that, there's a trick that's so simple that you'll wonder why you did not figure it out yourself: cut in half instead of lengthwise! This has several advantages: First, coring is much easier. Instead of a knife caper, you can simply squeeze the kernel out of the fruit without destroying the whole avocado.

As indicated by the red line in this picture, avocados are better cut open.

© Fabrika Simf / Shutterstock

Nicer toppings

On the other hand, the bisected shape enables us to prepare the avocado in an interesting way. For example, in half rings, which can be wonderfully placed on a salad. Cut the (half) cut avocado into slices, split them again and peel them at the end. Et voilá are delicious avocado rings prepared - without great injuries!

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