Beauty Look: Cameron Diaz

Cameron's favorite styling: Ponytail with XL Creoles. Because the actress carries her hair through, the pony party usually falls out sideways - looks casual. Beach beauty Cameron achieves the "I just came from the surfing" effect with her sun-blonde highlights in several nuances.

Make-up: The eyes are framed with a dark kohl and subtly washed eyelashes. The cheeks refreshed with a light rouge. On the lips, la Diaz places pink gloss.

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The golden highlights show even brighter when Cameron wears her hair open. Her favorite accessories: light summer tan and again the big creoles, this time in black to the bright red dress. Fittingly, the lips of the 35-year-olds shine a little red.

Her eyes are dark framed, with bright shimmer on the eyelids - that makes a beautiful beam-look.

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The eye-catching tactic: Now it's time to "treat". The legs of the Diaz are endless and well-trained. The good news: Cameron only makes sport that brings her joy. Surfing, kiting, snowboarding. No paparazzo ever caught the movie woman at the bleak belly-leg-butt. What we learn from it? Fun factor makes you sexy.

Other beauty tricks: The blond hair is smoothed to sleek look and again hang creoles on the ears. The fingernails are brushed for a pink supermini dress with white nail polish - very popular this summer. (Movie scene from "Love Vegas" with fellow actress Lake Bell).

Text: Stefanie Höfle Photos: PR photos (3), 2008 Twentieth Century Fox

Sexy Blondes: Cameron Diaz Make Up (August 2020).

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