Amazon: Christmas trees arrive in the US by mail

This year, Amazon also sells Christmas trees in the US up to a size of about 2.1 meters. This reports, inter alia, the American television channel "CNN". The offer includes fraser firs, balsam firs, white spruces and room firs. In the US, it should not be an unusual picture this season, if the postman has a huge Amazon package. Although the mail order company has sold a small selection of real trees in the last year, but they were at most 91 centimeters in size.

Prime users should get ordered Christmas trees partly within two days, an spokesman from Amazon confirmed. More information should be available in a few weeks. In addition, the company has its selection of Christmas deco items - including Advent wreaths and flowers - significantly expanded, keep it hot. Of course there will continue to be artificial fir trees in the assortment. At present it is not known whether Amazon could adjust its offer accordingly also in Germany.

Amazon To Sell Christmas Trees (December 2020).

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