7 things people have in common with style

1. You own all the classics

They are there: garments that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Whether trench coat, the little black dress, a good-fitting jeans or a striped shirt. A woman with style has all these parts at home. Because she knows very well: on a day when you absolutely do not know what to wear, these classics still look stylish.

2. You get compliments

"Wow, great bag", "I love your shoes" or "Your jeans are really perfect"? Proverbs like these all know them. Because people with style get to hear them on a regular basis. For women, with a knack for fashion, compliments are (almost) everyday.

3. They give fashionable advice

If friends ask you for advice in fashion questions, then you can already imagine something. It means that they like your look and therefore want to be inspired by you. If you had a bad taste, they would not do it.

4. Your look is copied

Not everyone is so open and asks for styling tips. There are also women who will copy your style relentlessly. But you should not be upset about that. That too is another compliment to you and your beautiful style.

5. You know the tricks

Many are wondering how to re-shop the trendy outfits of celebrities for a budget. You know the answers and skilfully combine cheap basic parts with exciting statement pieces for which you spend a little more money. You know that the right mix is ​​important. Incidentally, here's how to upgrade cheap parts.

6. Bad Outfit Days do not exist

What woman does not know that: Since you look around after getting up in the closet and just finds nothing suitable for dressing. Women with style do not happen like that. Because: You always have several emergency outfits ready for such days.

7. You have clear ideas

Elegant, sporty or classic? Whatever your style, if you can describe your style in three words, you've definitely found it. One of the biggest styling mistakes is often the missing concept in the wardrobe.

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