3 golden rules for losing weight at breakfast

1. Eat immediately after getting up

Researchers have found that it makes sense to eat breakfast within the first hour after getting up. Reason for this: The timely food boosts your metabolism. It also helps you suppress bad decisions at lunch or dinner. The basic rule is: the sooner you eat, the more likely you are to stimulate the fat burning of your body.

Incidentally, you should have lunch about four and a half hours later so you are not overly hungry. Those who are craving tend to resort to greasy fast food. Pay attention in the evening to eat the last at least three hours before bedtime.

2. Access to foods that fill you up

In the morning: Eat only foods that will save you the first hunger attack in the morning. Instead of missing out on breakfast or having a slice of toast, it's a good idea to create a healthy, filling and sugar-free foundation for the day. Fiber and proteins are the magic words here.

Oatmeal, for example, is ideal because it provides you with sufficient energy, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, minerals and fiber - and is also extremely digestible for the stomach. Even smoothies or protein pancakes are a great alternative for people who like to eat something sweet in the morning. If you like your breakfast hearty, you can grab black bread and cheese or even the ultimate satiety combination "fried egg and avocado". The latter provides your body with healthy fatty acids that do not make you fat and also support your metabolism.

3. Pay attention to your portions

And last, but not least, pay attention to the size of your portions. Yes, the breakfast should saturate, you should not overdo it anyway. If you want to be on the safe side, you can see the calories of each food in our calorie chart. Here you will learn how many calories are in a breakfast.

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