• June 12, 2021

These lines are so sad! Tugce's brother writes letter to his "sister's heart"

It's been two years since young Tugce Albayrak was tragically killed. On November 15, 2014, the teacher's student was brutally suppressed and then went into a coma. After only brain death was detected, 13 days later? on her 23rd birthday - the life-sustaining measures are turned off. Tugce had wanted to help two girls, who were beset by a group of young men and paid for it with the life.

The perpetrator, the 19-year-old Serb Sanel M., is now in custody and should be deported. For their family, this is only a small consolation, because they miss Tugce every day. How heavy the loss really weighs, shows now also a highly emotional Facebook post of her brother Dogus Albayrak. The lines he wants to be on? writes clearly what his family has been going through since the incident on a McDonald's parking lot.

The post in the text:

"Hey, Sister, as if it was yesterday, that we drove together in the morning with your lilane Micra in the university.A short stop in the gas station, because without" coffee "you would probably not continue.No it was not yesterday Sister , meanwhile, exactly two years have passed. How could I have known that I look into your eyes the last time this evening, the last time you see so beautiful smile and the last time hear your voice.

Death was a foreign word to us until that night, both grandmas and grandpas are still alive. What I want to say Sister, death is something we had to get to know with you, the youngest family member. That is so unfair! With you I first know that people are leaving and not coming back, that one second can turn your whole life upside down. That you have not missed anything in the past and complained about things where I shake my head now, that just does not make sense.

You realize that one of the nicest things in life is having dinner together with the whole family at the table. You realize that spending time with your loved ones around you is the most precious time you have. You realize that these times are unfortunately not self-evident. I wish I had changed this experience and spent more time with you!

With your death, Sister, a chapter has begun in our lives that I can hardly describe. The time in the hospital, your funeral, the process and the constant medial accompaniment. So many things have happened, they just do not fit in here.

We have experienced people who really can not be humanbe it in the hospital, at the funeral or during the process. People who are filled with so much hate, people who are not empathetic, people who are not worshipers, people who only think of the commercial, people who have used you as a doctor, people who are suddenly related to you, and and and. I still feel bad today when I see what people are capable of.

But the earth is not just black but also white. Fortunately, we have also experienced people who truly embody humanity. Good people who have overcome cultural and social obstacles that do not play a role in religion, color and everything else that separates people. These people prayed together for you, sister. (...)

With your brave actions, you have conjured yourself into many hearts. You have left deep, formative traces of love. I'm proud of you little witch. Although nothing will bring you back, but when I see that on the campus of the University of Giessen is a memorial stone in memory of you and your act, I hear here and there times as you talk at the kiosk or wherever, we open the mailbox and receive letters to you when I see that people absolutely want to realize projects with the association, when I see that today at your grave everything is brightly lit and everything is full of flowers, when I see that the city in If you were born two years later on your birthday, a plaque erected at the hospital, where you opened your eyes for the first time, yes, then I can look back with pride and consider the whole as a consolation, maybe even more, what the us Relieves wound. Sister, we love you!?

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