Take a deep breath, please! Why plants do us good

Especially pleasant in the heating season: plants evaporate 98 percent of the irrigation water over the leaves. So they moisturize the dry heating air, which can cause headaches and irritated nasal mucous membranes. By the way, they can reduce heating costs: With plants we feel just as comfortable in a two to three degrees cooler room as in a correspondingly warmer room without plants? because in dry rooms we freeze faster.

Plants produce oxygen and swallow carbon dioxide. The better breathing air has a direct effect on our ability to concentrate. Although plants do not replace the air, but in terms of oxygen brings the airing anyway only when pulling something. Tip: The Madagascar palm produces a lot of oxygen.

Plants are air filters and extract pollutants from furniture and carpets, which can be particularly relevant in the office. For every task there are specialists: Aloe and Grünlilie swallow particularly much formaldehyde, which is secreted by some plastics and is considered carcinogenic. Ivy and dragon tree remove the solvent benzene particularly effective.

Plants are dust catchers. As we can observe every day at home, dust settles on leaves instead of flying around in our breathing air. Please dust again and again!

Plants, soil and pots swallow noise. Of course, a green lily on the windowsill curbs less noise than a floor-deep rubber tree.

The psychologist John Klein Hesselink of the Dutch research organization TNO considers the psychological effect of plants to be stronger than the physiological ones. Hesselink has proven that plants help people to reduce stress and recover. A medium sized plant per person or per 12 square meters is enough to achieve a positive effect in terms of oxygen and psyche.

The phytophilia, the love of man to plants, can not be proven, but is considered uncontested: humans have always been attracted to plants, because where there were plants, there was water, fruits and protection. Psychologists believe that's why we go on vacation in the countryside, go for a walk in the park or the woods - and get some greens in the house. Plants increase our well-being, even without consciously looking at them.

For Claudia Gölz from the Green Press Portal plants are even partner replacement. In the '60s, plants were banished to the window sill, "in the difficult times of the professional nomads, they have become a relationship issue," she says. Investigations have shown that plants outlast some relationships today and are taken along by one or the other man on leaving. Large plants are vital creatures that need a wait and attention - but with which you do not have to go.

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