Stop the animal cruelty! These chicks are allowed to live

Actually, humanity is quite unanimous: Chicks are very, very cute. Even bitter enemies would immediately shake hands with this question and confirm each other: Yes. Really cute, these chicks.

And if someone suddenly started throwing chick after chick into a kitchen blender before our eyes? Then we would probably all agree on the impulse to rescue the chicks, call the police or, depending on our predisposition, start a fight.

But: That's exactly what happens daily in Germany, without many people bothering. Every year, according to the Animal Welfare Association about 21 million chicks gassed on fattening farms or thrown alive into a sort of shredder and processed into animal meal. You do not have to be a vegetarian to find that outrageous.

Of course, nobody does that for the pleasure of animal cruelty, but for profit: Male chicks do not lay eggs later and are therefore superfluous from an economic point of view. A daily occurrence that you do not want to think about for a long time, because otherwise you would have to scream.

But there is hope: even before Easter, according to Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt (CSU) a "realistic timetable to quit chicks" available. A good start, but the Animal Welfare Association is not fast enough: President Thomas Schröder sees in this approach a "blatant violation of the Animal Welfare Act", where it can not go to exit deadlines, but only an immediate ban.

Mass killing of chicks - protest via online petition

How fast the mass killing of chicks is actually banned, remains to be seen. Until then it is possible to send a message via online petition.

‪McDonald's Cruelty: The Rotten Truth About Egg McMuffins‬ (July 2020).

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