• August 13, 2020

Drama about Kate Walsh: The 'Gray's Anatomy' star had a brain tumor

For years she rescued as Dr. Addison Montgomery in the US series 'Gray's Anatomy' and 'Private Practice''s life, two years ago, actress Kate Walsh hovered in mortal danger. As the 49-year-old told the American 'Cosmopolitan', she was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was "as big as a lemon".

And she ignored the symptoms for a long time. Although Walsh had been more and more tired, but that would have always put her on her job: "I worked a hell of a lot, maybe 80 hours a week, and also a lot of sports, so I was not surprised."

It was not until her Pilates trainer told her to see a doctor after he noticed her right side was hanging. When things got worse and worse, the American woman finally got treated: "I had language problems, but it was more than just words that I could not remember, I completely lost the thread, could not finish my phrases, which really worried me."

Three days after the investigation, the actress was then already on the operating table. Fortunately, the doctors were able to completely remove the tumor and after a nine-month break, Kate Walsh is now doing well again.

One thing has shown her the diagnosis: There is nothing more important than a good and close-meshed provision.

Former 'Grey's Anatomy' Star Kate Walsh Reveals 2015 Brain Tumor Diagnosis (August 2020).

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