TV Soaps: Jan plays the wheelchair user at "Köln 50667"

17:30, RTL: Below us

After the fire, Paco does not know how to proceed with him until he receives a hint from Elli. Irene, too, worries after the fire that Paco will lose his footing, but then he suddenly seems surprisingly fortified. Roswitha denies Rufus that her research trip has produced significant results. Then she is unexpectedly overtaken by her past.

18:05, RTL II: Cologne 50667

Jan is in a bind in the morning: Annika asks him to accompany her on a walk after she did not find Freddy in the flat. Now Jan has to play the wheelchair user again. At first it annoys him, but during the day he realizes how nice Annika actually is and how much she basically connects them. When they say goodbye, they come unexpectedly close for a brief moment, but at that very moment they are interrupted by Freddy unsuspecting.

19:05 clock, RTL II: Berlin - day & night

The day begins with Sven complaining incessantly about his alleged pain in the gypsum leg. Eventually Peggy gets too colorful. She makes it clear to him that she will go to the doctor with him instead of continuing to listen to his whining. After they have left the practice, it suddenly looks as if Sven wants to flee from the police. Peggy becomes suspicious and challenges him.

19:05 clock, RTL: All that matters

Richard is well on the way to engaging in constructive contract negotiations with Ines, but a move by Friederike puts everything in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Carmen does not let Yüksel's persistent advertising get cold. But can she really get involved with a new man after her bad experiences? Ben is happy when Steffi announces his announcement. When Ingo tells him about Steffis Misere, he regrets his hard words.

19:40, RTL: Good times, bad times

Nina senses that Toni still remains at a distance. As she accepts this, Toni, thanks to Lilly, thinks and finally takes a step towards her mother. The two experience a relaxed evening - until Martin contacts Nina. In her frustration, Nicole trusts John. He is surprised by her openness, but gives her courage. When he learns that she wants to continue with her zero diet, he makes her an announcement.

Durch die wilde Nordeifel | WDR Reisen (December 2020).

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